Your company has the opportunity to make an investment that promises to pay $24,000after 6 years. If your

Your company has the opportunity to make an investment that promises to pay $24,000after 6 years. If your company has a required return of 8.5% on this type of investment,what is the maximum amount that the company should pay for the investment? Explainyour answer.In the previous scenario, assume that your company negotiated a deal where it would pay$12,000 for the investment and receive a payment of $24,000 at the end of 7 years. Whatis the IRR on this investment? Should the company make the investment? Explain youranswer.Another investment opportunity available to your company involves the purchase ofsome common stock from Zorp Corporation. The company has asked you to evaluate thestock, which paid a dividend of $4.25 last year and is currently selling for $36 per share.If your company decides to buy the stock, the stock will be held for 5 years and then sold.The growth rate on the stock is constant at 3% per year, and your company’s requiredreturn on the stock would be 11%. What is the maximum price per share that yourcompany should pay for the stock?Zorp Corporation also has some bonds for sale that your company is considering. Thesebonds have a $1,000 par value and will mature in 16 years. The coupon rate on the bondsis 5% paid annually, and they are currently selling for $987 each. The bonds are callprotected for the next 4 years, and after this period, they are callable at 105. On the basisof this information, answer the following questions:o What is the YTM on these bonds?o If the bonds are called immediately after the call protection period, what would bethe yield to call (YTC)?o If the bonds paid interest semiannually instead of annually, would the YTC, theYTM, or both change? Explain your answers



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