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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on pro-social behavior see details.


Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on pro-social behavior see details. As a function of better understanding and defining prosocial behavior, this brief analysis will seek to lay out a series of definitions and motivators for the behavior as well as the single largest detractor to the behavior. Lastly, the analysis will seek to embrace the reader with the understand that although the definitions that have herein been relayed are useful in helping to understand the broad applications of such sociological and psychological actualities, the fact remains that in order to come to grips with the more dynamically complex eventualities of these forces, one must bear in mind that both the individual and the situation itself add a level of complexity and nuance that a simple definition cannot seek to convey. Naturally, prosocial behavior itself is not a guarantee within society. One of the reasons that prosocial behavior does not take place to a greater extent than it does already is due to something known as diffusion of responsibility. This unique psychological and sociological construct is built upon the ultimate premise that individuals will oftentimes seek to minimize their exposure to a given situation by pawning responsibility for a given set of events or circumstances onto someone else, refuse action as a function of stature within the given situation, or feel that action is needless due to the fact that any number of other individuals faced with the same set of circumstances could also do the same thing. Ultimately, these different conditions for diffusion of responsibility can all be traced back to the way in which an individual views his/her role within the group or the circumstances in question (Sturmer et al 2005). Although they may easily recognize the right decision and that it should be made, the fact remains that based upon these aforementioned conditions, individuals may oftentimes be hesitant to act in the way that they otherwise would given a different dynamic in either of these conditions. Examples of this type of impediment to prosocial behavior have been detailed within the course readings and are exhibited in any number of daily interactions that the reader might have (Safrilsyah et al 2009). Ultimately, the key understanding the at best helps to define the way that diffusion of responsibility works is that of self interest. The concept of self interest therefore runs in an opposite direction to that of prosocial behavior and diffusion of responsibility can motivate the individual to behave in an even more self-interested way than they otherwise might in any given situation. With regards to the steps for pro-social behavior, this next section will seek to lay out each of these steps and give a level of definition to them. Firstly, the individual most “notice” the need (Piff et al 2010). This of course is an obvious step but perhaps one that requires a perceptive nature on the part of the individual. The second step involves a proper cognition of the event as “correct interpretation” follows. As a function of noticing and correctly interpreting a given situation or event, the individual must then “assume responsibility”. It is at this juncture that prosocial behavior most often breaks down (Latane et al 1968).


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