Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on power dynamics and organizational change. It is evidently clear from the discussion that when a person is emotionally under stress what he needs is the care and consideration of his family. But, an ordinary soldier in his early years of service is not permitted to take his family along with him unless he is an officer. This is what makes difficult the life of a soldier. While realizing these unconcealed facts the educated youths of modern era prefer to revisit their prior decision. This should not happen as the fate of a country rests with its dynamic youths. So, it inevitably requires some sort of structural changes in the entire organization. For this things must be changed from their present state of affairs. Places where transformation is sought First of all, as Mundell points out, depression and stress are the unrecognized problems of a number of soldiers returning from war fronts. To illustrate, while some of them feel they are treated as guests at their own homes, others feel estranged as their children do not respond warmly to them. According to the writer, if they do not feel the support of their family members and the warmth of the love of their dear ones, they have greater difficulty in recovering from the symptoms of depression. So, measures should be adopted to accommodate the families, at least the wives of the soldiers with them. Moreover, soldiers are suffering from stress which is a result of frequent combat operations. As they are also flesh and blood they may become upset on seeing destroyed houses, dead bodies or on the event of the death of their colleagues or even for being directly responsible for the death of some enemy soldiers. In this regard, every soldier must be availed the assistance of a counseling expert as and when he requires. In order to help this, psycho care units can be started alongside cantonment areas. No commander or superior must be entitled to hold back this right of soldiers. Any soldier who has some severe emotional damage must be evacuated to a fitting place for the further health check. It will do well to bring the stress down in his community as well as personal life. However, the primary duty of a soldier is to protect and fight for his nation. So, changes to be made should not affect the role to be played by him. Another important crisis is the detrimental relationship between superiors and the men under their command. There is always a chance for skirmishes between commanding officer and his men as they are not satisfied with the commands placed and orders made by the officer. But on certain occasions, the superiors themselves have a tendency to humiliate their men for silly matters. Instead of giving a word of praise for a remarkable work done, they are ruthlessly reprimanded even for a microscopic slip-up. When such humiliations cross the boundary, the soldiers either end up their lives or shoot at their own officers and colleagues. It is a matter of serious concern as such incidents are numerous. In order to curb this, as in any organization, a separate personnel grievance redressal forum should be established in the military set up. As the head of the forum is an expert in HR related matters it will be of tremendous help in solving out all personnel related affairs.


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