Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on consumer behaviour and the factors affecting purchase of apple products. The objective of this research proposal is to understand and analyse factors affecting behaviour of consumers while purchasing products of Apple Company. In order to obtain essential research data related to the company and various strategies implemented by the company, extensive secondary research has been done. The study will try to figure out the relationship between factors affecting consumer behaviour and its relationship with purchasing decisions made by consumers. The overall aim of the study has been divided into smaller objective and each objective has been studied thoroughly. The study has used both qualitative and quantitative method for data collection as well as data analysis. Primary data is collected through a questionnaire as well as focus group methods. The use of computer tablets and a smartphone has seen a dramatic increase in the recent past. Also, mobile applications have taken up the last spot in various gossips around the mobile industry. Latest mobile applications companies such as Apple have revolutionalised the distribution of technologically advanced products. They have also become extremely visible and one of the most profitable parts of the company. For decades, consumers have been the most puzzling and complex factor for marketing and business professionals. Consumer behaviour, decision-making processes, reasons for various choices etc, have always been the topic of interest as well as awe for these marketers (Blackwell, Miniard and Engel, 2006). However, with the help of technology as well as various business analysis tools, marketers have been able to crack many of these puzzles. That is why the study of consumer behaviour is one of the critical factors in every business strategy (Pride and Ferrell, 2012). The study of consumer behaviour considers various reasons such as the situational, personal, social and psychological, the reason for shopping products and services, buying and using them, becoming loyal customers and disposing of them. Mobile communications have hugely impacted the way individuals and communities interact with each other and perform business. Several factors can be attributed to customers getting attracted to a particular product or service as well as switching from one product to another. These can be product quality, design and style and support services offered by the products (Hoyer and Macinnis, 2008). In the case of mobile and technological products, competition is more intense. Availability of technology has made the competition tough and decreases the overall life of mobile products. Thus, companies now require to be constantly innovating in order to survive in the market. Consumer behaviour can also be affected by various other factors such as situational, psychological, personal, family and culture. Marketers try to find out the various trends so that they are able to reach their target customers in the most convenient and cost-effective way. Marketers also try to influence the behaviour of consumers by controlling various factors such as store layout, availability of services and products, grouping, music, advertising and pricing. The overall aim of the study is to evaluate the factors the influence consumer buying behaviour while purchasing products from Apple Company.&nbsp.


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