You will prepare and submit a term paper on This is about African Art. Topic is free to choose anything about African Art but should focus on one form or practice of. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. Art plays play vital roles in the human lives as it communicates, entertains, a source of income, express the mood in the society, differentiate as far as culture and practices are concerned. Art could also be used to add aesthetic values to our infrastructure, automobiles and clothing among others. Art can attract foreigners from different corners of the world to a specific destination, for instance, a majority of Europeans and other parts of the developed nations travel to Africa just to have a real feel of the African art. They enjoy the African dances, songs, sculptures and paintings among other elements of Art. This discourse is about the unique architecture of the Egyptian’s pyramids as a form of visual art. The Egyptian’s pyramids are some of the most unique and valuable art in Africa. It is divided into various categories depending on the origin (Smyth 2013). The beauty of the pyramids is not only attributed to the structures but other features included in them. For instance, Egyptian’s pyramids have relief sculptures as well as produced wall paintings among other refreshing features. Some of the sculptures in the pyramids include the famous obelisks and the sphinx statues among others (Arnold, 2010). Talking of the Egyptian’s pyramids without the mention of the ancient Egypt history is regarded as incomplete. The ancient Egypt was characterized by desert and dry grassland climates. This could explain why the native Egyptians had to employ some desert features like the sand dunes to construct their structures. They could place huge obstacles in the open fields to trap dust and this marked the foundation or the beginning of their unique constructions. Mesopotamia was one of the ancient towns and it developed due to its two rivers namely Tigris and Euphrates. It’s believed that the two rivers contributed huge to the civilization in the region, as it supported trade and transport from foreigners from neighbouring cities like China and India. The two rivers also provided for the construction of the Egyptian’s ancient structures. The two rivers also provided water for agriculture among other domestic and commercial uses. The ancient Egypt was governed by the elite class called the monarch. It comprised by of the top ranked priests among other officials. The middle class was left to the merchants, tradesmen and clergy among others. The final low class was the slaves who were forced by their masters to toil in the agricultural fields and construction labourers. They were Israelites who were once welcomed in the country, but the changes in the monarchy changed their general hospitality in the country. Egyptian’s pyramids with the sculpture of god of the sun Sun baked bricks were the main construction material in the ancient Egypt. The bricks were moulded from the rich Nile River clay then left to dry in the natural sun. However, structure for the top monarch leaders were constructed from the stones. The country is rich in limestone except the agricultural rich Mesopotamia. The unique exterior walls are carefully to either slope gently or stand vertical. The ancient architecture arrived at the flat roofs due the fact that the country was basically a desert. hence no major rain was expected. The roofs are structurally supported by well constructed beams and columns, both made from clay.


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