You will prepare and submit a term paper on The movie Grumpy Old Men. Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. The movie Grumpy Old Men is an excellent movie at showing how stereotypes and the lives of others can be portrayed. Each individual has a certain portrayal of what they think life will be like as they age or what they have experienced life like as they aged. The writers of the movie Grumpy Old Men allow viewers to see a certain image of what “grumpy old men” are like when faced with certain life circumstances. The movie Grumpy Old Men is a story of two men and their struggles as they deal with aging. Aging happens to every individual and many react in different ways. Some can be happy and some, as portrayed in the movie, are grumpy. Events that have happened in ones life are usually what make older individuals act a certain way. The two old men in the movie are set in their ways. The movie takes place in Minnesota where two neighbors continue to feud. While watching the movie it is obvious that the feuds have been happening for a long time. The two neighbors play jokes on one another and act as if they can’t stand each other. Ultimately, this is not entirely true. The two men care about each other when things get worst. The story takes a turn for the worst when a younger female named Ariel comes into the picture. The female quickly convinces both Max and John into thinking she is interested. The two grumpy men mistake her kindness for feelings and quickly begin to battle over her. They do anything they can to sabotage each other. The friendship is shown its true colors when John experiences family and financial problems. Max feels sad for the things he did and does not want to see his friend and neighbor experience those problems. Max is also the first one there when John experiences some problems with his health. Characters in the movie that can be identified as older adults are the neighbors Max, John, Johns Father, Chuck and Ariel. These characters can be identified as older adults because they have either been married, are likely older than 50 and have seen a lot in life. Each character is portrayed in a specific way. Max is portrayed as being mischievous and jealous. He appears to be carefree but when it comes down to it he is a caring helpful person. John is portrayed as having a rough life with family and financial problems. He is grumpy and likes to do what he can to get back at Max. John’s father is a very old man that is a drunk. He drinks a lot and has a carefree almost heartless attitude. Chuck is an older man who runs the bait shop. He seems as if he is sneaky and possibly two faced. Ariel is portrayed in the movie as being an older woman who has a young heart. She is nice to everyone she meets. The portrayal of the characters in the movie is very realistic. The characters are portrayed as if it were a real life scenario. Each character has their own personality and is likely how they would be in real life. The movie is great at portraying real life characters. The characters were somewhat stereotyped as they were the typical men that grew up during that time and likely experienced war. The movie sends many messages about aging. Messages include loneliness, financial problems and health problems. All of the messages portrayed are messages of what life could be like for some as they age. The message is neither positive or negative as it just shows what life could be like.


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