You will prepare and submit a term paper on Psychology. Your paper should be a minimum of 1000 words in length. The significance for training medical graduate scholars in developmental methods to research is emphasized, and anticipated for a future of shared contributions of developmental in addition to clinical psychology are articulated in light of the actuality that, following a troubled history of separation of the two and even dynamic deprecation of one another’s objectives and techniques, developmental and scientific psychology are manifesting joint acknowledgment of the advantages of mutual research. The importance of developmental theories lies in their ability to spur the formulation of strategies and mechanisms that provide for the prevention of childhood and future health complications (Thornberry, 2004). The process of development is best exemplified by the theory of cognitive development which is a brain child of Jean Piaget because it explains the manner in which children characterize and reason regarding the world. The theory therefore underscores the development trajectory of children through the lens of reason and representation at each respective stage. The process of development is undoubtedly discontinuous and the theory of cognitive development best portrays this discontinuity through the changing pattern of representation and reason concerning the world to children as they progress. Cognitive development is a crucial component of child development processes and the theory tracks the different frameworks of logic and characterization of the world among children as they climb the cognitive development ladder. The theory appropriately depicts the child development process (Austrian, 2008). Attachment Theory Attachment theory influences a person’s behavior later in life because it is on the basis of development of attachment with the primary caregiver that the child later develops relationships. In essence, attachment hypothesis describes the factors of enduring relationships involving humans. Its most imperative principle is that an infant requires developing a relationship with no less than one main caregiver for emotional, social and mental growth to happen normally. Attachment premise is a multifaceted study encircling the arenas of ethological, evolutionary, and psychological theory. A child’s success in developing strong emotional attachment with the primary caregiver is a pointer towards better relationship behaviors in the future. Therefore, an individual’s capacity to develop long-term relationships as an adult is influenced by the effective development of attachment with primary caregivers. Attachment represents a point of contact through which the child learns to grow emotionally which determines future relationship behaviors. Attachment theory has a lot of relevance of individual behavior later in life owing to the fact that the development of attachment assists infants to grow emotionally and psychologically as well as develop certain social and psychological behavioral patterns that run into their adult life (Kerr et al, 2000). The justification of the influence of attachment theory on a person’s behavior in the future is based on the fact that a child’s ability to nurture and maintain relationships in their adult life is directly proportional to the development of attachment to one primary caregiver during childhood.


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