You will prepare and submit a term paper on Prague Hospitality and Tourism. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. The public sector’s role in hospitality and tourism represents the first aspect of the public, private and voluntary arena as it sets policies, support and related areas that guide the market (Andersson and Getz, 2009). It (the public sector) seeks to utilise tools such as infrastructure planning (transport upgrades for airports, rail and roads), along with tax abatement plans for hospitality sector investment, crafting of overall tourism policies and direction for the country and regions along with promoting private and voluntary sector involvements and VAT rates (Deloitte, 2009). In the instance of Prague, the hospitality and tourism sector contributes almost 60 percent of the city’s overall income (with aircraft engines, diesel engines, refined oil products, electronics, chemicals, food, printing, automobiles, etc. representing key economic sectors) (Prague.com, 2018).&nbsp. In a telling statement, Linhart, a partner in the Deloitte Czech Republic in Prague stated: “In terms of economic benefits, improving the tourism infrastructure is more important than increasing the raw numbers of tourists, as better infrastructure will result in wealthier tourists and longer stays” (Deutcher, 2018, p. 1). The main public agency that coordinates hospitality and tourism for the Czech Republic (and thus Prague) is the Czech Tourism Authority that operates under the Ministry for Regional Development (the Czech Republic, 2017). These two agencies “… promote the Czech Republic in the respective markets, build brand awareness of destinations and stimulate the volume of arrivals of foreign visitors to the Czech Republic” (the Czech Republic, 2017, p. 1). The private sector represents the actualization of tourism policies directed by the government. The actors represent airlines, tour agencies, hotel and restaurant chains that invest in facilities and train workers as well as the thousands of local small businesses (Mukherji, 2018). The private sector works with the Czech Tourism agency that is a mixture of public and private resources since it aids in forging a closer execution of national and regional plans with the private sector (the Czech Republic, 2017). Whilst large hotels and restaurant chains run their own campaigns, the usual practice is to mesh parts of the spending with the government Czech Convention Bureau (2018) and the Tourism Institute of the Czech Republic (the Czech Republic, 2018). An important example of this public/private collaboration is the International Business Council that consists of large hotel and restaurant chains that work with the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism (International Business Council, 2018). The Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism is the top voluntary and independent organization in the country that includes associations, federations, independent smaller businesses, and tour companies to provide them with a coordinated voice (International Business Council, 2018). Another example of voluntary participation in the Association of Travel Agencies of Czech Republic that is a voluntary organization consisting of travel agencies, transport companies, insurance, travel trade fairs, information technologies, as well as advertising agencies and PR firms (Expats, CZ, 2018A). It is active in the Czech Republic as well as foreign countries to promote tourism and devise promotions and packages that benefit large as well as small businesses.&nbsp.


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