You will prepare and submit a term paper on Integraded pop culture autobiography. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Especially in these contemporary times, pop culture is perceived more of a commercial culture, for the commercial value it has. Storey is of the opinion that popular culture emerges from the urbanization of people. Popular culture is an amalgamation of complex forces that are interdependent on each other and impact upon society in every possible way. However, popular culture is never static, but keeps on changing from time to time depending upon the likes and dislikes, tastes and trends of people in the society. It is possible for certain traits in pop culture to be influenced by a sub- culture and be manifested in society if its values are accepted and adopted by them. In comparing popular culture from the 1920’s until now, we find a huge difference in people’s way of life, their music, dance, movies, fashion, sport, art, literature and other media. However, this type of culture is quite popular because it is appeals to a very wide spectrum of people. The different media such as television, newspapers, radio and magazines contribute towards popularizing certain aspects of culture mainly to do with entertainment. In this essay an attempt is being made at investigating and analyzing important aspects of popular culture in the 1920’s and today and trying to find out the similarities and differences by comparing the different periods. Music Music in the 1920’s was quite unlike the music that we hear today. The 1920’s is the period when Jazz was most popular. Some of the popular singers and composers of the ‘Jazz Age’ were Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and George Gershwin and the like who changed the face of music during the 1920’s. Gershwin composed some of America’s most popular music such as musical comedies, film scores, songs, opera and his concert composition called ‘Rhapsody and Blues’ (Classical piano and Jazz) during the 1920’s. Some of the famous cartoon characters introduced during the 1920’s were Mickey Mouse, (1928) Winnie the Pooh and Betty Boop. However, music in the 21st century has been revolutionized due to the changing times. Most of the modern generation is comfortable with Hip- hop, Rap, Alternate Rock and Rock music as they identify themselves with it and feel that they could express themselves in a way they want. However, Classical music of the ancient period is evergreen even today and has served to influence modern composers. Some compositions that have a world vision and carries a special message for guiding the world to peace and harmony are not only popular but but instill positive attitudes among the people. Marley’s music falls under this category and his song which had the line ‘One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright’ (Michael A Stusser, pg. 376) brought inspiration to the hearts of the freedom fighters during the struggle between Zimbabwe and Britain. The Jamaican Government recognized his great contribution in the arts and awarded him the ‘Order of Merit in 1981. (Michael A Stusser, pg. 376) On the music front, my most favorite Classical composer is Beethoven, while my most admired artist of contemporary music is Eminem. Dance Dance took on a revolutionary turn during the 1920’s after experiencing the restriction and horrors of the war.


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