You will prepare and submit a term paper on E-Adminstration of Abu Dhabi police (Action Plan). Your paper should be a minimum of 500 words in length. Timeline and Comments The immediate challenges faced by the department are to manage the workload and prioritize the work in such a manner that it brings in more efficiency. The current state of affairs therefore suggests that the process of database development is ongoing and this therefore can significantly result into the speedier collection of data on crimes and criminals besides allowing the UAE police to become more efficient. There is also an internal resistance to the implementation of such services within the department as this may render the services of few as not required by the department. However, the current state of affairs suggests that the development and implementation is in its initial phase and there is lot to be achieved in terms of fully utilizing the power of e-administration in order to become more efficient in carrying out the routine tasks. Other departments in other countries have been able to deploy the e-administration on a holistic basis imparting the latest tools and techniques to not only manage the workload effectively but also to ensure that the core objective of the department is fulfilled in more efficient manner. It’s because of this reason that the latest systems and procedures have been deployed to take the finger prints and as well as keep a database of the criminals along with their full particulars including pictures and previous record. This allows them to track down the criminals in more effective manner besides ensuring that the workload is managed in most appropriate manner. Authorities such as Metropolitan Office UK have implemented the computer forensic and other systems to better manage the workload of the police in order to perform their core objectives in more effective manner. Police authorities in UK have also developed different databases related with nature of crime. The Police National Computer is one of the earliest initiatives in this direction to develop a set of interconnected databases. (inbrief.co.uk). This however, is still lacking at UAE as the e-administration implementation efforts have mostly been focused on the deployment of resources for performing only administrative related tasks. The major milestones to be achieved in the future will therefore be involved in imparting the training to the Police Officers to fully utilize the system and take advantage of how it can actually help them to overcome the traditional weaknesses of the manual system. The near time milestone for the department therefore is based upon providing the required training to the staff so that they become efficient and effective in administering the whole system besides allowing the work to be conducted in more effective and efficient manner. The procurement of the latest software and the continuous upgradation of the same is another important milestone which needs to be achieved because it will set the future course of action regarding the overall seriousness of the authorities in managing the workload and keeping themselves abreast with the latest developments in technology so that the department can effectively take benefit from the power of technology. Going ahead in future, the department will need to achieve broader deployment of the technology in order to not only complete its routine administrative tasks but to also effective manage its workload in fighting the crime in most efficient manner. Bibliography inbrief.co.uk. The Police National Computer (PNC). 2011. 17 Feb 2011 .


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