You will prepare and submit a term paper on Brand House Services Company. Your paper should be a minimum of 4250 words in length. On the basis of the discussion, relevant conclusions about the subject of concern will be drawn. Recommendations will be also provided on the basis of the findings. The second section of the study will encompass discussion about the research topic chosen during the first assignment of this study. Hence the topic of discussion will be how does Brand House manage constant change within its organization? This research question or the research topic will be addressed through the help of qualitative research methods. It should important to note that each of the sections in the study will cover the six learning goals mentioned initially during the beginning of learning framework. However, to cover these sections, assistance and theories of some of the notable and eminent scholars such as Schon’s (1983), Kolb’s (1984) and Belbin (2010) will be taken. In addition, some of the common frameworks and models such as AREA model and ITAC model will be used for the purpose of accomplishing the objectives of the study. The application of these theories and frameworks will certainly increase the credibility of the study. The study will also attempt to validate the use of these theories and models in the context of this study and alongside its relevance in this field will also be established. It should be also noted that this study will make use of a number of academic resources so as to shed light on the knowledge driven learning goals in a more comprehensive way. However, the most important and significant part of the study is to carry out a critical reflection of the learning experience at the CPO through the work based learning (WBL) framework and theories. This will also help in justifying the lessons learned by me during my tenure with the Brand House Advertising Services Company. Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Section 1- My Workplace Experience 6 Section 2 – Discipline Topic 17 References 23 Introduction Various definitions about ‘reflective learning’ can be found in the books and academic journals stated by eminent authors of the world. Apart from mere definition, much has been written about it and is often dubbed as a critical subject of assessment (Brooksbank, 1994). Reflection or reflective learning is generally described as the ability to look back at the previous experiences and segregate it into relevant aspects such as the factors directly impacting the success and failure (Enwistle, 2001. Ferdinand, 2004. Forbes, 2012). In addition, some of the experts have stated that it is a means of learning by making a link between the learned theory and practice (Botan & Hazleton, 2006. Breslin, 2008). In the similar manner, reflective learning is also highlighted as a way of improving the performance, by making use of the learning and improvising on the future practices. Hence, it is obvious that a number of definitions and meaning of self learning exists. As a result of that reflective learning is also mentioned as a way of transforming surface learning into deep learning (Beaulieu, 2009. Blanchard & Waghorn, 1997). (Source: Gans, King, Stonecash & Mankiw, 2008) Reflective learning greatly helps an individual to develop self-awareness, critical thinking and analytical skills (Duff, 2000. Elving, 2005). This is important for both students as well as for the professionals. Till now it is believed that the reader has understood the core theme of this piece of work, which is reflective learning. This piece of work is the last installment of the assignment and hence it will be somewhat inferential in nature.


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