You will prepare and submit a term paper on Birth Rate Control Proposal. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. Uncontrolled bearing of children has numerous ramifications to the society with the government bearing the heaviest burden. For instance, though the government has spent billions of dollars in poverty elevation and reduction programs, poverty is indeed worsening instead of reducing (Roy, 2013). The Welfare program that the government has been using in supporting the poor and the less fortunate in the society has been abused in that some people have been relying on the program to raise their families. For instance, in 1992 Clinton’s campaign was based on abolishing welfare in the US government and in making the program a second option and not a way of life for many (Roy, 2013). This was followed by the signing of the Welfare Reform bill of 1996 that required those in welfare program to seek jobs or lose their benefits (Roy, 2013). Since then, welfare has increased tremendously in the country with the 2013 study revealing that welfare remitted more than $10 per hour in 33 states, while in the other states, welfare remitted less than $8 per hour. In fact, today, welfare pays much better than the minimum wage in more than 35 states, in America. This suggests some people entitled to welfare benefits have a better life than those working in the field. Another disadvantage of welfare is that the benefits are tax free unlike salaries that are taxed. Therefore, welfare is a huge burden to the taxpayer in the US. On the same note, considering that poverty is on the increase rather than on the decrease. this suggests that even poor people depending on welfare are bearing more children to be supported by the government, a situation that needs to be controlled. Teens are also bearing children due to peer pressure and motivation from the media. For instance, research has revealed that the program Teen Mum aired on MTN has contributed in many teenagers bearing children with the number of birth rates among teens in US being the highest among developed nations, and twice the birth rate of teens in Canada (Chang & Hopper, 2011 & Karen et al (316). There is a need to demulsify the myths held by teens and which are contributing to the high birth rate in &nbsp.discouraging teens from having children at an early age, and before they have stabilized financially. Another factor that leads to social problems is bearing of children among people who are not mentally fit to bear and bring up children. children from such mothers lack proper care as they grow up (Kauffman, 315). On the other hand, adopting children in the US is an extremely tedious and expensive process that discourages many prospective parents from adopting children (Gilman and Fleivalds, par 5). The result is that there are many children who are suffering psychologically due to lack of a&nbsp.decent family, a situation that can only be solved by controlling birth rates. This will help in&nbsp.ensuring&nbsp.fewer children are born in families with the right capacity to look after them with the right care and concern.


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