You will prepare and submit a term paper on And Business Plan-based on my business idea. Your paper should be a minimum of 3750 words in length. Actions done in the span of a few seconds may have great effect on someone else’s life. It is the driving factor in emergency cases. If immediate medical attention is not given particularly during life and death situations, a mishap could prove to be fatal. It is essential for a health care team to conduct necessary care and medical action to prevent the loss of life most especially during emergency situations. Much has been done to improve turnaround time in the medical field. Paramedics and emergency teams are well trained in ensuring swift and accurate handling of medical emergency cases. With this, the writers would like to introduce an innovation that would address challenges in establishing patient identity and medical history such that medical practitioners would no longer have to go through the motions of interviewing the patient or his companions/ relatives prior to implementing medical care. 911 Health Care Services Corporation is the driving force behind the 911 Emergency Health Care System, a product that aims to reduce the number of accidental deaths by providing instant medical history with just a scan of an eye. The objective of this product is to provide a secure product that will save lives without compromising identity. The management envisions eliminating the current turnaround time for administering emergency care services, and make patient identification as easy as it could be. The product will have a pilot launch in Massachusetts. Distribution will initially be limited to this state but management is looking at expanding to other cities and states, and eventually to other parts of the world. II. VALUE PROPOSITION Saving time and saving lives are the two value propositions of the product. 911 Emergency Health Care System aims to make patient identification quick and accurate, thereby resulting in fast and accurate administration of applicable drugs and health care. 911 Emergency Health Care System introduces the handheld retinal scanning device to be used in recognizing patients. The device communicates with a software program where patient data is stored. Once a patient is scanned, the medical team handling the case may proceed updating the medical records to ensure that the next handling team will be supplied accurate medical information as well. The service provides physicians and patients with timely access to patient medical information to save lives. On the patient side, we want to assure him that with this device, his eyes will say it all – his identity, his medical needs and history. He would not have to worry about not being to divulge all information needed. This is important particularly in emergency situations, where the patient is alone or is unable to communicate due to his situation. On the medical team’s side, the scanning device will improve their response time for emergency situations. Giving appropriate medicine and health care is important, and they would not be able to do this without any patient background and information. III. PRODUCT FEATURES AND BENEFITS With 911 Emergency Health Care System, even patients with no identification papers will receive appropriate medical care. Other benefits of the product are as follows: Medical team will have easy access to the patient’s personal and medical information. They can also update the information accordingly.


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