You have writing assignments or projects throughout the course. The due dates for each project are noted in your syllabus. Each project should be in 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins throughout. Each project must be between 600-650 words. When relevant, use MLA or APA format on all projects unless noted. These means that when citing in text use the MLA guidelines and include a work cited list. Also, include a header with your name, course name and number, date, and project name located in the top left corner of the first page. I strongly suggest visiting the Writing Lab (G-06) to make an appointment for any questions about the structure, grammar, or focus of your projects. In a general sense, your projects will be graded along three sections: grammar/format, met project guidelines, and critical analysis Project One: Investigating Roles Identities and Inequalities: It helps to connect personal experiences of roles to the material talked about in class. It will also help open students’ eyes to different roles they experience during the course of life. First: Spend 3 days keeping a journal of all the roles you play, the role performances you use, and the role conflicts and/or role strains you encounter. Critically assess the different roles at the end of each day, spending at least twenty minutes writing about which of that day’s roles they most or least enjoyed, identified with, were influenced by, and/or attempted to resist. Make sure to address any role strain, role conflict, or role exit. Do not confuse these terms. For the project: 1. Intro: You will pick out at least three of the most significant (you can define this how you wish) roles that you experienced and then outline them briefly in the intro. Explain the term social categories as well and how it relates to your roles. Examples of social categories are gender, race, class, age, sexuality, etc. 2. Body paragraph: Role 1: Describe all aspects of this and connect back to class material and discussion. 3. Body paragraph: Role 1: Describe all aspects of this and connect back to class material and discussion. 4. Body paragraph: Role 1: Describe all aspects of this and connect back to class material and discussion. 5. Conclusion: Make a conclusion about roles (make sure to define this!) and how we are influenced by social institutions personally and in general in society. What about others? Social institutions are things like education, family, marriage, law, religion, work, etc. *You may include the actual diary but it is not required. I would like you to include SHORT specific quotes from it, but not the entire diary itself.


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