Writing -Week 4 Assignment – Agriculture Presentation

Week 4 Assignment – Agriculture PresentationCreate an 8- to 10-slide presentation about agriculture in the context of the global food system.Select one of the following topics on which to base your presentation:The Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) DebateOrganic or Sustainable Food ProductionUrban AgricultureLivestock RanchingRice FarmingFood DesertsFarm to Table TrendsPresent the following information in your slides:A brief overview of this topicWhich world regions or cultures affected by this topic, including a description of theregion’s landscape or cultureAgricultural challenges and opportunities of this topicControversies surrounding this topicWhich populations and cultures have been influenced by this topic, and how.How globalization has influenced or could potentially influence this topic.Include only your main points on each slide (approximately 3–5 bulleted phrases).Write approximately 25–50 words of speaker notes under each slide to provide details youwould discuss if presenting in person.Incorporate at least 4 terms or concepts from the course materials (textbook and videos) in yourpresentation.Support your ideas with a minimum of one culture database (such as CultureGrams™) or onearticle from the University Library. Use in-text citations and a references slide.Format your presentation according to West Writing Style Handbook guidelines.Assignment ElementCommentsPossiblePointsPointsReceived12The slides identify which worldregions or cultures are affectedby this topic, including adescription of the region’slandscape or culture.The PowerPoint describes theagricultural challenges andopportunities for solutions createdby the student’s selected topic.12The PowerPoint describes theoverall controversies surroundingthe topic.The PowerPoint identifies whichpopulations and cultures havebeen impacted by the topic andhow they have been affected,The PowerPoint explores howglobalization has influenced orpotentially could influence thisissue.The assignment includes evidenceof research from the WestLibrary and includes propercitations on the slides (within theSpeaker Notes) and on a referenceslide(s) at the end.12The paper is formatted according toguidelines in the West Writing StyleHandbook and is generally errorfree in spelling, grammar,punctuation, and appropriate wordusage.3.8212128TOTAL71.82



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