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Health Care Interview Paper – 100 pointsThe goal of this assignment is for each student to explore how "real people" access health careand how this might have changed over time. Interview 3 separate individuals representingthree generations (parents, grandparents, your generation or your children’s generation) andlearn how they:accessed health carepaid for health carewhere they received their health carehow they viewed their health care and health care providerswhat changes they have seen in the health care systemany other facts or information you obtain from the intervieweesIn your conclusion, provide a summary of the similarities and differences noted between thegenerations.This paper should be about 3-5 pages in length with appropriate referencing and in APAformat. This assignment is worth 100 points (10% of your grade) and is due in Week 3.The sources you will be citing will be the people you interviewed. If you use direct quotes, youare to cite the source immediately following the sentence it was used in. Also, you are required tohave a works cited page with your source information.Citations for Interviews and Personal CommunicationPersonal interviews and personal communications (email, group discussions, electronic bulletinboards, telephone conversations) are NOT mentioned at the end of the paper on the list ofreferences. However, they are cited in-text throughout the paper.For personal communication, you should give the author’s full name (first and middle initialsfollowed by last name), the kind of communication, followed by the date of communication.Example: (J.L. Smith, personal interview, April 10, 2006)For more information visit: http://depts.gallaudet.edu/englishworks/writing/apaguide.htmlHealth Care Interview Paper Grading RubricCategoryPoints%DescriptionDocumentation& Formatting1010%Organization&Cohesiveness3030%A quality paper will include an introduction, review of the generationalinterview information and a conclusion organized in a logical manner. Theconclusion will summarize the similarities and differences noted between thegenerations.Editing1010%A quality paper will be free of any spelling, punctuation, or grammaticalerrors. Sentences and paragraphs will be clear, concise, and factually correct.Content5050%A quality paper will meet the page requirement and provide significantinformation about the beliefs of the generation/person interviewed.Total100100%A Quality Paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.A quality paper will include a proper citations. The number of sourcesidentified and cited meets the paper requirements.



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