Writing -Arth : History of Modern Art 1945 – 1979

Arth : History of Modern Art 1945 – 1979TERM PAPERPlease write a research paper of no fewer than six pages (double-spaced, standardmargins, 12 point font—and not counting the bibliography or images). The subject of thepaper can be of your choosing, as long as it deals with late modern or early post-modern art (art produced between 1945 and 1980) and discusses the work of art least two artists(no single artist “biographical” papers will be accepted). You may write acomparison and analysis of two individual artists, a group of artists, a particular style orapproach, critical theory of the period, or other issues related to the topics we coveredover the course of the semester. You must research your subject and include abibliography with at least four separate sources, two of which must be in print.Internet sources are acceptable but must be properly cited with the correct URL. Youalso need to include footnotes wherever appropriate.Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you use a direct quote from another source orparaphrase an idea that was expressed in one of your research sources, it must beproperly noted in your paper with a corresponding entry in your bibliography. The SSUWriting Center can help determine when and how to use footnotes. I’m not particularabout the format of footnotes or endnotes—MLA, Chicago Manual, etc.—but the styleshould be clear and consistent.Your paper should include both specific information (artists’ names, titles of artworksbeing discussed, etc.) and a larger, more general context (how the artists and their workrelate to other artists, historical and art historical context, critical theory, etc.). You areencouraged to develop an argument, a thesis, or at least a clear point of view, that youwish to express and then defend through your research. If you have a strong opinionabout your subject (not necessarily the same thing as an argument), you are welcome toexpress it, although this is primarily a research paper, not an essay or critical review.Reproductions of relevant works of art are welcome but not required (if included, theyshould be properly labeled, including the source of the image). In addition,reproductions should not be counted as a page of text: three reproductions and threepages of text does not constitute a six-page paper.



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