Write a 8 pages paper on tma 01 option 1. Children’s literature is a place of multiplicity that assimilates and absorbs anything it likes. The inception of the children’s literature phase in the 18th century had been analyzed by Matthew Grenby’s paper titled, ‘Children’s Literature: Birth, Infancy, Maturity’ which subsequently paved the way for great bang towards Britain’s children’s literature in the 2nd half of the 19th century and hence offers a revised perspective on the established histories. The 20th and 21st centuries have experienced an immense increment in the multiplicity in children’s books, ranging from books containing image and flap books to multimedia texts available online. During the early 1900s, the process of upbringing of the children (mostly in the middle class society) became more and more confined. as a result, unambiguous repulsiveness that can be found in, for instance,&nbsp.Book of Martyrs, by Foxes’ was exceptional. As an alternative, terror was swapped into fancy, as could be traced in Ursula K. Le Guin’s&nbsp.Earthsea or Lucy Boston’s&nbsp.The Children of the Green Knowe&nbsp.(Hunt, 2009, pp.14-26). The importance of Children’s Literature Children’s literature is a dominant factor in the lives of kids as it has got the capability to encourage the power of imagination within them. Kids often take pleasure in reading and listening to their much loved fantasy tales over and over again. The attitude of getting habituated to stories and reading those proves to be helpful for the development of the kid’s vocabulary, language skills and communication techniques. It also reverberates with a deeper thinking mechanism within the children which creates a distinctive viewpoint of perceiving the world. According to Jerry Griswold wide “distribution of consciousness” is a recognizable attribute of the kid’s thought process that is uniformly noticeable in the literature which can go beyond the practical situations of life (Griswold, 2006). Children’s literature is different from the literature meant for the adult mainly in terms of the occurrence of sensations and feelings experienced during the early days of childhood. Pessimism and desolation are not the kind of emotions that are significantly featured in the fantasy stories meant for the children. Role of Fantasies and Imaginations Myths and Fairy tales are particularly precious literature pieces for children because such unreal creatures and lands help them to travel to those places through the means of their imagination. The imagination and the thinking capacity increase the amount of creativity within a kid. Today children have fewer scopes to expand their capacity to imagine since the abundance of electronic media brings their imagination right in front of their eyes through various cartoon and comic characters. Also the early interference of the internet, the social media and Smartphone, is making the lives of children much more technology oriented which proves to be a hindrance for the paths of innovation, creativity, imagination and artistic talents.


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