Write a 6 pages paper on inequality, its impacts and relation to occupy movement. Summary The articles that are to form the bulk of this discussion are Inequality: Causes and Consequences by Kathryn Neckerman and Florencia Torche, Cultural Capital and School Success: The Impact of Status Culture Participation on the Grades of US High School Students by Paul DiMaggio and Capitalism, Social Institutions of Communism, Economy (Sociological Approach). Globalization. Socialism which features in the translation of Marx Webber’s 1923 General Economic History. In the first journal article, Neckerman and Torche focus on the US through the use of international standards, in order to sharpen the scope of prevailing domestic trends in the US. In this journal article, Neckerman and Torche contend that economic disparities in America began to soar in the mid-1970s. In this article, Neckerman and Torche research and discuss the patterns and causes that characterize economic inequality in America and the entire globe. These patterns and causes include inequality of earnings, opportunity and wealth. Neckerman and Torche also maintain that there are socio-political consequences of inequality that also underpin this inequality, with education, health, security, political power and social power serving as examples. Neckerman and Torche also train their consideration on the political economy and organization of the labor market and firms, as the very pathways through which social, political and economic inequality is perpetuated. In the second journal, DiMaggio argues that there is interplay of many factors which affect the ability to perform well in school. By citing works carried out by ethnographers, ethnomethodologists and other social scientists such as Coleman (1961), Hollingshead (1949) and Cicourel and Kitsuse (1963), DiMaggio shows how American high school education has gradually become unequal. DiMaggio points out for instance, the impact of cultural styles on student-counselor relationships, classroom instructions and test scores. DiMaggio points out that measured intelligence shows that there is only 15-30% variation among high school students, though the transition into tertiary level of learning (universities and colleges) continually locks out racial minorities. DiMaggio explains that this is the case since the cultural aspect herein is associated with family background, given that a father’s education and occupation makes an important difference, as is explained in Max Weber’s Status culture (1968). The third article C is an anthology of different authors. Max Webber’s Capitalism, Social Institutions of Communism, Economy (Sociological Approach). Globalization. Socialism serves as the most interesting reading. In it, Karl Marx’s theory of class consciousness and antagonism is revisited in relation to the inequality that characterizes the socioeconomic and political life of the United States.


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