Write a 5 pages paper on the cultural anthropology of hispanic/latinos. An interview I conducted with an individual who has lived among the Hispanic (Latinos) in America for more than a decade revealed the facts. From the interview, I could be able to establish the different aspects of the Hispanic cultures such as the language, religion, housing, family structures, traditional clothing, recreation and level of technology among others. The objective of this paper is to explore the Hispanic cultural elements such as their language, religion, family structure, traditional clothing, and housing, level of technology, education, transportation, recreation and political organization in light of the interview. Personal Details I interviewed Mr. Victor Alvarez, a Latino who lives in Texas, US. Alvarez is aged 25 and has been living in Texas for more than a decade now. He was born along side three brothers and a sister to a monogamous family with very close ties. Alvarez is currently married to Mrs. Ann Blanco, a Latino from Puerto Rico. It is here that I established that there are different identities of Latinos in the US. This came out clear as Alvarez stated that there are Latinos who exhibit a Mexican identity like himself, while others have their identity inclined toward Puerto Rico (his wife), or Cuba. Alvarez and his wife Ann are blessed with two children, Walter and Manuel. Alvarez also informs me that before moving to Texas, they used to live in their rural home situated in New Mexico. With regard to the Hispanic population in the US, Alvarez notes that a census conducted in 1980 showed that the Hispanic population has increased immense in the last decade. Alvarez tells me that Hispanics current constitute about 8.2% of total US population. Of this population, close to two-thirds live in three states: California (34%), Texas (21%), and New York (10%) (Weaver 17). Alvarez also notes other states with a considerable number of Hispanics include Florida, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and New Jersey. Family structure As previously mentioned, Alvarez is born in monogamous family and is also blessed with two children whom he loves dearly. Alvarez notes that, he, as the father, is the one who acts as the head of the family as his Hispanic culture dictates, while his wife, Ann, is responsible for the family’s wellbeing. Alvarez also notes that his culture puts a lot of importance to belonging to a group. He stated this when I asked him why many Latinos use images that portray them as members of a given segment. For instance, he tells me that before he could relocate to Texas from his rural home in New Mexico, he had to first identify his relatives and friends who lived in Texas. It is then that he decided to move to Texas where he stayed with one of his relatives for more than three years as he searched for a job. When I asked him why he had to do that, he told me that Latino family is a close-knit group and is the most important social unit. In this regard, he continued to state that all members of a family are under obligation to assist other members of the family facing financial difficulties, poor health, unemployment and other issue of life. It is for this reason, therefore, that he decided to seek assistance from relatives.


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