Write a 4 pages paper on strategic leadership for organizational improvement. Lastly, the paper would provide potential barriers and opportunities for a driving force that could help bring change. The Current Situation: The organization that has been selected is Al Marfaq Hospital which is situated in Abu Dhabi. Many officials claim that most parts of the Al Marfaq hospital do not have the same level of medical standards as the rest of the government hospitals (Khalaf). The competence level of Al Marfaq is different from others in that its management and its standard of quality for treatment is not the same. Doctors with quality of the expertise and experience also vary in this hospital which is governed by government officials. However, UAE has been rated as the second most frequently visited country for medical tourism by World Bank. The mortality rate of cardiovascular disease in the whole UAE has risen up to 28% due to the fact that there are not many facilities regarding the cure of the disease. Accordingly, Al Marfaq is also a hospital that is having difficulties to lower mortality rate for cardiovascular diseases. The number of doctors that take care of that particular disease is comparatively lower and not highly qualified as other specialist doctors (Oxford Business Group). The doctors that are hired by officials for treating the disease are mostly foreigners that have come a long way from their countries and have become permanent. Due to this fact, other local doctors are de-motivated for not being supported by their own government. Public hospitals have been providing the treatment for free of cost for their UAE residents but this hospital charges are a particular cost for the overseas people without giving them any kind of discounts. These overseas people had to travel a long distance for their treatment but expenses are too high for them to afford. Administration issue has been a debate for a long period of time and has not been rectified (Oxford Business Group). The management lacks a guideline or a code through which a hospital could be run. It may become harmful for hospital in the long run. The lack of leadership is also a concern for institution as government has failed to design strategies that could help improve their managerial problems (Khalaf). Analyzing the situation: The main issue for this public hospital is the management problem due to which these issues have been erupting. As there are no such guidelines for the recruitment of medical doctors, therefore, the administration is hiring foreigners for the job which creates dissatisfaction amongst the local people. There is no quota system defined that could help the management in making decisions for the recruitment. No proper guideline has also been the major reason for no coordination of public hospitals with each other which is the reason why this hospital does not have any kind of collaboration. This also raises the fact that there is no collaboration and practices of government hospitals vary from one another (Oxford Business Group). Even though the medical tourism is on its verge in UAE, expenses for the people coming from overseas has risen in recent years which has prevented people from visiting UAE. This is because the government does not provide any support to overseas people but it only cares of its local people.


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