Write a 10 pages paper on taboo topic of conversation in united states. The comment made that person embarrassed and he just shrugged and smiles politely, cleaning his sweaty face. He asked again, “The reason you are perspiring much, is because you are fat right?” 1 As the comments were addressed in a very natural and light tone, as if he was stating the mere fact that the earth is round or the roses are red, the guy just changed the subjects and avoided the topic. It might appear very apparent and obvious to most of us, that the topic raised by the Chilean gentleman could be offensive but the person to whom they were addressed understood that there was no rudeness or malice intended (Wooten, A, n.d.). In American culture talking about certain subjects is considered as taboo, but in other countries they are considered as very normal and acceptable discussion topics. If the commend would have been from someone in United States, the response would have been entirely different. The response and patience people differs from person to person. As males develop a thick skin towards such remarks, females have benefited themselves by preparing emotionally for reacting to similar comments. With the passage of time people have started to feel comfortable with the fact that the perceived insults or slights are not regarded with malicious intentions, it is just that the political correctness and social etiquettes are different from one culture to another (Wooten, A, n.d.). The similar cultural difference tale was witnessed by Japanese who owned Tech Company in the U.S. According to him, the businesses are also affected by the cultural taboos. During a visit to his colleagues in Japan, he felt very awkward during a business meeting as the Japanese supervisor continually criticized the weight of the employees, advising them to exercise and set goals for weight loss. It was a state of confusion as the visitor felt uncomfortable about the peculiar spectacle, since he was the largest person in the room and he wasn’t told to shape up. At the end of the meeting, the individual reached the superior to discuss the situation. It was indicated by the Japanese executive that he clearly realizes that discussion of weight topic is a taboo in America, and he respected the differences of the cultures. The American took up the challenge to face the issues related to his weight and lost 100 pounds since then. 2 No matter where a person resides either in the United States or in Japan, whenever contacting with an international associate it is necessary to pay attention not to commit these taboos. As all good deed from the past will be vanished because of one single mistake committed which might be a serious one for the other individual. A topic of conversation can easily influence the image of a person there are, some of the topics that Americans are not comfortable being questioned: Firstly, the age. Age is considered as a very sensitive issue for most of the Americans, especially when it come to women over the age of 30. In in this young advocating culture, the idea of growing old is considered very painful. Most people, if possible, like to have nothing to do with its edges. While some of them don’t like to questioned, there are some people who maintain their youthful appearance and they want to be asked, “How old are you?”. Americans have very different views on age.


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