Write a 1 page paper on research topic identification. Cognitive psychology Cognitive psychology is wide field to investigate on the more recurring psychological perspective. The most appealing usage ofcognitive sciences is to study on how the mind works. It also deals and provides the way study functions and actions, memory and learning patterns of children. It also deals with language and communication, reasoning and problem solving, artificial intelligence, decision making, emotions and consequences. These all interdisciplinary fields are part of the cognitive psychology. Further to my knowledge, it was revealed to me that this field interacts with other scientific fields like cognitive biology, economics, linguistics, Neurosciences and even it interacts with Philosophy. For example, when I studied the article written by Dufwenderg (2011) on game theory to explain the human psychology, I found the cognitive understanding of the psychology as an essential part of the psychology to have grip to answer most of the question of human psychology. We consider Chess games as the toughest games and there is a requirement of minds that can decide rationally but Ewerhart (2000) argues that Chess-like games are solvable in at most two steps. This is the power of cognitive powers that a human mind can use to solve the complex problems. Another important aspect of cognitive psychology is that it starts observing the human psychology right from beginning. This is the basic way to explore and drive new dimensions in the field of Psychology. This is illustrated by Eacott and Crawley (1999) by analyzing on the childhood amnesia. Childhood amnesia refers to the inability of children and adults to recall events that took place during their infancy and early childhood (Hayne & Jack, 2011). This is very augmenting for me to choose the cognitive psychology in order to learn on ways that can reflect the human psychology. Dufwenberg, M. (2001). Game theory. Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Sciences. Vol. 2 (2). p. 167. Ewerhart, C. (2002). Chess-like games are dominance solvable in at most two steps. Games Econ Behav. Vol. 33. pp. 41-47. Eacott, M. J., Crawley, R. A. (1999). Childhood amnesia: on answering questions about very early life events. Memory. Vol. 7. pp. 279-292. Hayne, H., Jack, F. (2011). Childhood amnesia. Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Sciences. Vol. 2(2). pp. 136-145.


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