Write 8 pages with APA style on Geneticly Modified Organisms. In many instances, some scientists consider it a miracle since it is instrumental in solving such problems (Hamilton, 2001). This has been successful through production of modified crops, food, drugs, vaccines and even livestock. Since the success story of genetically modified organism is appealing, many people are improving technology to have an optimum solution to these problems. The second factor that has been influential in production of this organism is the economic factor. The economy in many parts of the word has been dwindling due to lack of better ways of solving problems. As such, scientists have been engaged to help find better ways of solving such problems. They have come up with the technology that manipulates organisms to increase production (Povich, 2010). This has been successful as many scientists have successfully increased production. As a matter of fact, modification has been successful since it involves many sectors of the economy. When production in many economic aspects is improved, the whole economy will record a significant growth. The third factor that has made it possible for research in technology is the political condition. Many parts of the world are struggling to find political solutions to a number of problems that affect their people. To solve the situation, the political bigwigs have to find solutions that are sustainable. Technology and modification is one of the factors that have helped solve the problems. Political and Legal Influences The politics of a country are dominated by few people who have power. The people in power have an obligation of making decisions that will enhance the lives of the masses. As such, they can make decisions depending on the underlying factors. However, some politicians make decisions depending on the underlying interest. Some politicians will make decisions depending on their links with some of the companies that control some vital aspects in the political environment. For instance, a better part of the American population has vast information in concerns to Monsanto (Peters, 2012). This is a renowned company that has been influential in providing a weed killer that is used in lawns. The company has been influential in providing superb services in regard to weed killers and providing adorable lawns. However, what most people have not deciphered is that the company is also influential in providing vast food products. This is due to the political influence and affluence it has in the United States. It is stated that employees that used to work for the company new hold influential positions in the government. As such, they have a better chance of making decisions that could affect the company in the near future. Since they still have vested interests in the company, they are not likely to make decisions that will ground the company. In most cases, they are protective to the company and will make decisions that seem to favor the company. Monsanto is a company that has been making dreadful chemicals that kill weeds. Apparently, this has been detrimental to the environment as most of these residues are environmental pollutants. Though the company has been producing chemicals that pollute the earth’s surface, the company is still given the leeway to engage in production of food products. This is partly due to the political influence the company has.


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