Write 8 pages with APA style on Analysis on wifredo lam’s jungle. The artist’s attention in the traditional African religious beliefs in the Caribbean are suggested in the rightmost masterpiece, which seems like a woman-horse hybrid, a feature of spiritual entities. Really, this painting is not a pragmatic representation of people in a given natural environment, but Lam has showed a prehistoric vision of his area of concern. Even the title of the painting adds some sense to the visionary characteristics of the subject. Calling it the Jungle proposes prehistoric a search for a kind of primitive culture. Nevertheless, the plants that the artist has included in his paintings are tobacco and sugarcane, which are not wild, rather domesticated plants. The Jungle, of late on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art based in the New York City, has an indisputable existence within the gallery. the limbs, the cluster of enigmatic faces, and the sugarcane group a canvas that is about 8 foot square. The bold painting is simply a perception game. Lam haphazardly builds the figure from a gathering of unique forms that include crescent-shaped faces, willowy legs and arms, famous, rounded backsides, cloddish feet and hands. When brought together, these figures look like a funhouse mirror in reflection. The disparity among the many shapes brings out an uneasy equilibrium between the more open top and the denser top of the composition. Further, there are no sufficient legs and feet to give support to the higher half of the painting, which seems to topple over. One additional element of this artistic work is the way he places the parts within an untraditional landscape. The artist’s panorama leaves out the distinctive essentials of a horizon line, wide view, or sky. rather this is a tight, snapshot with no direction, but only with the faintest sense of the ground. Above all, Lam was colour scheme-wise as he used as he used orange, blue, and yellow to sharply contrast with the dramatic green and black shadows of the paintings. The disconnected shapes. body parts, leaves, and bamboos give the painting a nice tone and a sense of movement, given that one cannot see the figure in its totality, and thus have a higher curiosity of knowing more about it. With all these in place, this paper will discuss that The Jungle is Lam’s famous work showing heavy influence by the renowned artists, such as Picasso, Martisse, and Les Demoiselles d’Avigon. the shape of characters on the Jungle is very similar to the Friendship by Pablo Picasso in the tone and colour using. The structure and the shape of character have similarity to Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. Background Wilfredo Lam’s complexity identity and education Wilfredo Lam did his schooling at San Alejandro in the years between 1918 and 1923, where he was good at painting landscapes and still lives. He showed some these of Painters and Sculptors of Havana. (APSH). He left for Spain in 1923 to study his artistic education further. He first of all resided in Madrid, where he registered in the Archaeological museums, the Prado, and the academic painter Fernando museum. He remained in Spain up to 1938, touring many places and living for Leon, Cuenca and Barcelona at some point as he painted some landscapes, interiors, portraits, and city scenes in styles that were based on surrealism, realism, and cubism.


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