Write 8 pages thesis on the topic suggest me a good topic. Subway Restaurant has been its major strength that has seen it occupy an appropriate competitive advantage in the food industry. The restaurant offers fast food services such as. turkey breast, roasted beef, steak, cold cut combo, cheese, subway melt et cetera. Moreover, the restaurant provides different types of beverages to its customers. Description of the Products and Services The products offered by the Wali subway restaurant are of good quality and standards. For instance. the mouth-watering turkey and roasted beef salad with raspberry vinaigrette from exclusively selected recipes of canola oil, diced red onions and avocado, cooked and chopped turkey breast, reduced fat feta cheese perfectly crushed, walnuts, and arugula. The mixture hysterically prepared and spray backed to give a great taste. For the raspberry vinaigrette the combined ingredients of balsamic vinegar, canola oil, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, raspberry jam, fresh ground black pepper and salt to taste placed into a medium-sized bowl the whisked thoroughly until the dressing is smooth enough and the jam is properly dissolved. The restaurant also serves Monterey jack Taquitos and backed shredded beef, a meal that is children friendly and very tasty. To make this meal the chef uses high quality ingredients of chill powder garlic powder, lime juice, adobe sauce with little chili pepper, chopped yellow and red bell pepper, cooked and shredded roast beef, boneless blade roast, and canola cooking spray. The menu offered by the Wali subway restaurant makes an effort to create a healthy diet by utilizing clean and up to standard products in a clean environment. The restaurant also takes into consideration a special group of its customers such as the vegetarians by offering old-fashioned food strictly for vegetarians. Variety of this special menu include kuja, matar, badem, and gobhi that are mostly served with mint chutney, tamarind chutney, paneer, mixed vegetable pickle, sauteed smash of sweet pumpkin, and fenugreek. The special drinks offered in this place include sweet lassi that is often served with kulhars. In order to reach out for the customers and for the convenience the customers, Wali restaurant offers an online menu and online services where customers can place orders and make inquiries in the day’s specialty. The restaurant also offers room booking services online. Opportunities for the products Selection of products and services offered by the Wali restaurant involves an appropriate identification and mobilization of resources after undertaking economic and social facets analysis. For this reason, Wali restaurant management has to take part fully in the interaction with their potential customers in order to get acquainted with their social and economic conditions. Those customers, who participated, provided the human resource of Wali restaurant with important information and referrals on the products and services that could be offered by the restaurant. These information and ideas are then supplemented with details obtained from assessment of the area around Manassas, Virginia where the restaurant was located. Reintegration of the already existing restaurants and the products and services they offered was also done. With this information the Wali restaurant decided to offer a variety of products including turkey breast, roasted beef, steak, cold cut combo, cheese, subway melt et cetera since Virginia was multi-ethnic with diverse culture.


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