Write 7 pages thesis on the topic hr management in mcdonald. When the McDonald’s first restaurant was opened in America, it was a unique type of business that offered a novelty concept at that time. The items on the McDonalds menu were beef or pork burgers, fries and drinks. Their restaurant presented a different kind of lay out at that time. The open kitchens for the customer view presented a uniqueness and novelty to the viewers and visiting customers. With track record of successful emergence on the global scene, McDonald today a huge network of restaurants spread across in more than 90 countries in the world and it has achieved an unparalleled success and a top position in the fast food Industry during the last more than half a century period. McDonald has always pursued a growth strategy and it present success is reflective of the keen sense of market and customer focus that it has so successfully maintained. As Ray Kroce who is the on of the building blocks and architect of modern McDonalds opened the first McDonalds restaurant in America in 1955, his served good quality meals in moderate prices and clean seating environment. He could not have imagined the super success that McDonalds would earn in the years to come. But he did see that phenomenal success that was delivered by a superior strategy pursued not only in managing its business but also in managing its people internally. HRM at McDonalds: People are a key ingredient of any organization and HRM is the key focus of a fast food industry which is characterized by high degree of customer service. McDonalds owns and runs a business strategy that is highly interactive and dependent on a highly competent HRM team. The back office food technologist and the front office customer services staff have no room for mistakes at all. What is more important is that McDonalds has to look after its long term strategy of HRM so that it keeps the best of the people in food technology and fast food industry. At the overall level what drives an HR strategy and its context. What is the main thrust of McDonald’s strategic HR policy? (Harris & John 2009) point out that the MD of McDonalds remarked that “maintaining a diverse and inclusive and inclusive workforce is certainly the right and proper thing to do, but we have long maintained that it is the smart thing to do.” This depicts that McDonalds maintains a very diverse and inclusive workforce on purpose as it supports it growth. Diversity is one dimension of the HR of the McDonalds. For the back office production and quality control, it hires skilled staff, mostly high tech food technologist and experts in their field and look after the back office production and quality control. For the front office, McDonald’s hires customer services staff that are mostly unskilled and have to go through rigorous on-job trainings. The labour market that McDonald’s addresses for the front office staff is really unstructured and unskilled labour is preferred with younger lads and girls who are at or below the graduate level. The composition is based on mostly on migrant workers who are in need for work. The age bands are really 16-30 makes and females who are daily / weekly wage earners doing hardcore labour with no strings attached. They are mostly available for part time and full time jobs with low to moderate skills levels. They are taken through rigorous in-house on-job training by McDonalds.


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