Write 6 pages thesis on the topic discuss the potential benefits to organizations of a consultancy product/service. The creativity and innovation paradigm is being highlighted for all the right reasons and what more so then reigning in profits for the sake of the business enterprise. This is one of the rationales behind understanding the fact that an organization which goes through a creative/innovative process, finds out its real strengths in the long run. These discussions take into account the organizational change management domains, the consultancy and creative elements which remain very pertinent for any business in this day and age. The market dynamics are also one of the significant factors behind bringing in the profits that remain the eventual goal of any organization, be it today or in the coming times. This paper discusses the basis of consultancy products/services bringing seriously positive results for the sake of the organizations through research and practice. When it comes to hiring, being more creative can actually draw in better results. This would mean that the employees of an organization give in their best at being creative and innovative while their work processes are managed in an amicable fashion. Encouraging creativity under such domains is therefore an important proposition because it ensures that hiring is not done in a normal fashion yet there are pathways through which innovations could be discerned and an environment inculcating such standards is found out (Couger, 1995). A consultancy product/service coming into its own due to creativity has far more value for the end customers and stakeholders rather than one that has come about due to change management regimes. The need is to understand where the differences have been apparent from and what kind of changes has been envisaged in the long run scheme of things for the consultancy product/service. When teams of people come together to spark off new ideas, a consultancy product/service sees the light of the day, as has been researched by (VanGundy, 1992). The group support system encourages out-of-the-box ideas which foster growth and productivity that essentially tackle the nuances related with a consultancy product/service. Using larger groups would indeed be the best possible solution as far as comprehending such domains is concerned. But then again, as (Osborn, 1957) suggests all this stems from brainstorming in the first place, which in essence is the basis of drawing in new ideas and finding where possibilities can originate from, given a number of options and alternatives. It takes into consideration the idea generation phase (Majaro, 1988) where no criticism is listened to, the free-wheeling done by the facilitator during the brainstorming session, the thinking of many ideas by the group’s participants and lastly the encouragement towards the group to combine and refine the already drafted ideas. Some researchers however fathom that brainstorming is not the most creative technique within the organizations, however there are differing viewpoints that exist under such settings. For the sake of organizations that bank on the potential benefits of consultancy product/service, it is of paramount importance to understand how this consultancy product/service would actually mean a sound business platform.


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