Write 6 pages thesis on the topic concept of social evil and humanization of the monster. Shelly’s monster is born with a child’s psyche, a ‘blank slate’ that gradually has been inscribed and shaped by his master’s hatred, detestation and malignant behavior. Throughout the whole novel, the monster is found to be lamenting over the cruelty of human being to something unnatural. Shelly’s monster ultimately learns the negative behaviors from his master. Indeed the monster has the capability to imitate and reflect what he receives from others. Behavioral Symbols of Humanization in the Monster’s Character Shelly’s monster is not the conventional evil. Though she chooses to portray the monster in a ferocious human eater’s image, psychologically he is a newborn baby, as the monster claims, “My food is not that of man. I do not destroy the lamb and the kid to glut my appetite. acorns and berries afford me sufficient nourishment” (Shelly 148). Here Shelly attempts to propound that simply creating one does not draw an end to the creator’s responsibility. At the opening of the novel the readers learns that the monster is hideous and repulsive. But later the reader learns that in spite of his physical ugliness, mentally the monster is something like a newborn baby. From the very beginning of his existence, the monster has been deserted by his creator because of his horrible appearance. Being abandoned by his creator, he tries to adapt himself with human society. But he realizes that he is doomed because of his ugliness since the society is grossly obsessed with his ugly look, as Andreas Rohrmoser comments: The only reason why he fails is his repulsive appearance. After having been rejected and attacked again and again by everyone he encounters only because of his horrible physiognomy, the Monster, alone and left on his own, develops a deadly hatred against his creator Frankenstein and against all of mankind. (6) Therefore he takes revenge on his creator killing his creator and his relatives. All of these murders that Frankenstein commits considered as the reflection of the society’s attitude towards him. Also he murders Victor’s wife and his best friend, only when Victor deceives him by destroying the female monster. Human Society’s Flaw in Abandoning the Loathsome in Appearance Mary Shelly manipulates a number of symbols to conjure up the ferocity of monster’s physical appearance in contrast to its true. Frankenstein’s Monster with an over sized “muscular body”, “yellow skin”, “teeth of a pearly whiteness”, “[yellow] watery eyes”, “shrivelled complexion” and “straight black lips” invoke the image of ferocious cannibal that eats up human beings. Most of the symbols, related to the character-traits of the Monster in the play, are engaged in assigning the visually horrifying features that are the typical characteristics of a traditional monster. By depicting the lab-born creature in such fear-provoking appearance Shelly further asserts that human society, in the very first place, commits the mistake by abandoning what is apparently frightening and loathsome. But ironically the society gives birth to the real evil by loathing and abandoning it. It is because a monster is not monstrous by birth. rather a monster is what it receives from its creator as well as others.


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