Write 5 pages with APA style on Racism and the Value of Justice in To Kill a Mockingbird. Relatively, it is our decisions that shape our intentions in life, regardless of racial and socioeconomic differences. This idea is shown through the characters of Boo Radley, Atticus Finch, Tom Robinson, and Violet Ewell. Specifically, the theme is most noticeable during the courtroom scene wherein Atticus Finch, a White lawyer, defends Robinson, a Negro man, against the accusations of Violet Ewell, a White young lady. Towards the end of the film, Radley emerges as another significant and controversial character, and this is because he killed Bob Ewell, Violet’s father. 2) What were the choices made by the main characters and what were the consequences of those choices? The most interesting characters in the film are Atticus and Radley because their decisions create interesting ideas about what the film really means in relation to Racism, crime and the American justice system. For instance, Atticus’ decision in defending Tom Robinson negates the stereotypical notions about the antagonism between Blacks and Whites. Specifically, Atticus’ character signifies the objective American who values facts more than anything else in the courtroom. However, Atticus’ decisions and principles go against the verdict of the jury, who still dwell in their prejudiced notions about Blacks. Radley is another interesting character because of his strange involvement in the Violet Ewell vs. Robinson trial. For instance, one can become curious about Radley’s true intention of killing Violet’s father, who had forcibly pushed Robinson to plead guilty to the rape case. In this case, one can ask “Is killing an alternative to justice?” In analyzing Radley’s character, one can say that he signifies the persona of a radical American who aspires for change in society, a chance that even a qualified lawyer like Atticus cannot achieve through his legal and formal courtroom rules. Relatively, although Radley emerges only in the last part of the film, his role in the film is as significant as Atticus’, and this is because of the diversion he brings to the film, which also creates new perceptions about the film, in general. 3) What are three or four sequences most important in the film? Why? Although the story is a narration, the plot of the film follows the chronological order of events wherein viewers sees the sequential interplay of scenes. The three most significant scenes in the film are the projection of the innocent Alabama life, in the first part of the film, the courtroom scene, and the death of Bob Ewell. The first scenes of the film introduce the viewers to the carefree, innocent life of Alabama, particularly with the Finch kids. However, as the narrator said, their carefree life was only the superficial aspect of reality during those times, considering the Depression that struck most people on the American continent. Further, the courtroom drama shows the social and political issues in American during those times, particularly concerning the prejudicial jury and stereotyping of the Negroes as criminals and untrustworthy. Lastly, the death of Bob Ewell signifies another interesting topic in the film, which is about the intentions and motivations in committing a crime.&nbsp.&nbsp.


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