Write 4 pages thesis on the topic classic and modern literature: the scarlet letter. Classical literature refers to any literal works from the ancient and antique period in any language bearing the hallmarks of excellent quality and skill in the application of literal techniques. Modern literature is characterized by individualism, absurdity, experimentation, formalism, and symbolism. Writing in the modern period entailed breaking away from the traditional approaches in the literature and venturing into diverse domains and genres. Key literal influencers of modern literature include Sigmund Freud, Charles Darwin, and Carl Jung among others. Disillusionment and streaming consciousness that came from WW2 are also attributed to have contributed to the emergence of modern literature. Key elements of modern literature include satire, irony, contrasting, and comparisons in an effort to illustrate and critique various aspects of society. This paper seeks to discuss classical and modern literature by evaluating a chosen literal work and determine, which belongs to either of the periods. Kate Chopin’s short story titled Desiree’s Baby is an example of modern literature due to its employment of modern literal writing techniques. Desiree’s Baby is a short story that applies the use of American realism and naturalism that cements that story’s position as modern literature. Realism is a trend that began in French literature from the early 19th century to its end and early 20th century. (Hiscock 122). Authors achieve realism in their works by depictions of contemporary societal life in its most simple and natural format. The use of romanticized and stylized presentation was avoided, and the authors preferred writing in the spirit of realism. Realism entails the depiction of daily banal activities and experiences to illustrate the ongoings in the everyday life of a given society (Hiscock 86). The lack of romantic subjectivity in writing is a hallmark of realism, where the characters are a product of social factors and their environment. These are elements make up the dramatic complications in these works, and they are what constitutes realism (Hiscock 173). Naturalism is also an aspect that is employed in the short story about Desiree’s Baby. Naturalism in literature is used to indicate the relationship that exists between social conditions, environment, and heredity in shaping human character. Naturalism seeks to duplicate believable realism in literature by applying scientific knowledge and concepts to explain an individual’s character. Authors used science to explain the nature and cause of the environment and social factors in determining an individual’s character. Kate Chopin uses realism to evoke a tableau of life in Creole Louisiana in the United States (US) (Chopin 382). Desiree’s self-exploration and self-worth are connected to her husband Armand, an aspect illustrated by what the author regards as a devoted, long, and nurturing the relationship.


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