Write 4 pages thesis on the topic an analysis of the broken theory. In order to prevent such an activity, a concerned parent will tell the child that what he/she has done is wrong and repair the window immediately (Skogan 69). Similarly, the care providers of a society should be on a clear alert to identify any minor forms of crimes and put end to them immediately (Harcourt 63). In order to attain this many policies were developed to guide the police on how to carry out their duties effectively. Police then were charged with many duties that enabled them to keep a close watch over the people in their societies of jurisdiction. They were involved in activities such as: health inspections, issued licenses for street peddlers, provided care for children who were lost. in fact they dealt with all types of crises. A program was put in place to provide citizens with a clean as well as safe environment. This program saw the police get out of their cars of patrol to walk round the street to maintain order at all times (Skogan 101). A lot of research has been done to ascertain whether the windows theory can be considered to valid or not. Some researchers have presented arguments for and against it. Taylor (132) explains that in Skogan’s studies it is evident that societal crime is closely linked to poverty, racial composition and even instability in that particular society. Moreover, in this particular study it was found out that crime victimization levels had a strong connection to societal disorder. In such a society, crime committers felt covered up thus cannot be noticed easily. Another study suggested that disorder in societies made people to lose control over the local affairs thus facilitating more crime. Skogan(107) concurs that peoples’ attitudes to occurrences of crime and levels of fear of crime increased significantly with the society disorder. The housing market stability also plays a big role in the perceived crime levels. On the centrally strong critics have been developed against this theory. Those who carried out the analysis of Skogan’s research draw a lot of mistakes from it (Murray, Karla and David 128). They say that the study had missing figures making the results null and void. In addition, the results presented did not have a matching of variables as presented in the broken windows theory. The effect of Newark is also brought into focus in Skogan’s study. If this effect is disregarded and fresh observations carried out, there will be no relationship between disorder and serious crime. In New York City, reduction in homicide, marijuana smoking may not be linked directly to the police reforms. Critics say that there may be a link between societal disorder and small crimes such as robbery but not disorder and “serious crime”. However, it is not right for one to claim that this relationship has been proven empirically (Harcourt 83). Broken windows theory seems to present a more efficient way of dealing with crime (Skogan 76). It is generally said that preventive is better than cure, and this is the basis of the theory. Instead of folding our hands and wait till crimes develop into serious ones, we can prevent the while they are in their early stages. It emphasized on the police foot patrols so as community members can feel secure as they carry out their daily activities of building their nation.


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