Write 3 pages with APA style on CASE STUDY: New England Aquarium. The other reason why the New England aquarium can be regarded as a not for profit organization is that it does not sell the creatures it keeps to other commercial companies or restaurants since the seafood offered is specifically meant for the visitors to this place. As noted, a lot of people like sea food but this company does not sell this food to other consumers on a commercial purpose. In other words, the money that is generated from the sale of seafood at this place is used for sustaining its business that is specifically concerned with preserving aquatic life. 2. The conflicts that may rise between a not-for-profit organization’s goals and its need for revenue are different as a result of many factors. Whilst the company may think that it is only raising money to sustain its operations, it can be noted that in most cases it may end up generating excessive sums of money from the sale of products that are not supposed to be sold for profit generation. It is a good idea for companies that are not meant for profit generation to clearly state where they will get the money to meet the operational costs from. This means that it should state its sponsors so that it does not conflict with its stated goals. In some cases, people may tend to prioritize their needs for revenue at the expense of their set goals. The other conflict that may arise is that demand for sea food may be high such that the company may be forced to sell more products which entails that it will be likely to be in a position of make more money. This may be in contravention with its stated goals of preserving aquatic life. The company can end up generating more money and this may not be intentional but the issue that is likely to arise is that extra money generated from the sale of seafood may be channelled to other uses which may be different from the original goals of the organization. The company may also be tempted to scale up its operations so that it can generate more revenue from its operations which may be unethical in this kind of business. Many people have a tendency to forego ethical considerations in their operations in order to generate more revenue from the work they are involved in. 3. The New England Aquarium may be affected by various trends if its operations are solely funded by the money generated from the sale of seafood. The tourism sector is characterised by negative as well as positive trends as a result of different factors. In some cases, the company may record low numbers of tourists and this entails that it will also record low sales of seafood. This may negatively impact its operations if the organization mainly depends on the money generated from this kind of business. Even if the organization is not for profit, the workers need to get some money for their upkeep so that they do not engage in unethical forms of business. It may be noted that some of the visitors to the aquarium may not be interested in buying the products offered and this may also result in a negative trend in the operations of the organization. It can also be seen that there may be a positive growth in terms of the number of visitors to the aquarium and these may demand a lot of seafood products. Given such a scenario, it can be noted that the organization is likely to be in a position to generate more money from its operations. 4. The New England Aquarium is using different tactics to raise money.


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