Write 2 pages with APA style on What aspect of psychology interests you the most and why. The definition of psychology provided by many textbooks s that it is a study of the behavior and mental processes of an individual. In order tostudy the mental processes within an individual it is necessary to include several other aspects such as the neurological processes, personality, physiology, genetic-makeup of individuals and attitudes which are influenced by the external factors such as peers and environment. Thus the science of psychology encompasses all these aspects of a human being which help to shape an individual at each stage of their life. The biological aspect of psychology that deals with the study of the neurological processes and impulses which forms the basis of thinking and cognitive functioning within a human being is one of the most fundamental studies in this field as it includes most of the asepcts mentioned above. The works of most scientists in the field of psychology beginning with Hermann von Helmholtz in the early 19th century have been based on the biological approach. The biological basis of the working of the mind has intrigued psychologists for a long time. The relationship between the body and the mind was studied by many philosophers who concluded that the brain was indeed the origin of bodily movements which are coordinated by the sensations traveling to the brain. Several experiments were conducted later, by expert physiologists, to learn the biological process that contributed to behavioral and cognitive functioning of humans. Measuring the mental processes was one of the earliest psychological experiments conducted that was based on the movement of neuronal impulses. This has over the years helped to better understand the mental framework of man and the reasons for deviation from its normal functioning in case of mental illnesses. The genetic factors which are inherited by every individual play a major role in determining the behavioral characteristics of the individual. The communication between the neurons and other nervous processes enable the functioning of the individual as messages from the brain are communicated to the different parts of the body and enables its functioning. The biological view of psychology has dramatically changed our understanding of the functioning of the brain and the nervous systems especially with the advances made in the field of neurobiology in the past decades. These advances in technology have helped in understanding the basis of various psychological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia. The working of the brain while performing various activities has been studied using several imaging techniques. However, while these have been used only for studying specific functions, the working of the brain in real-life situations is yet to be explored. Thus the biological component in psychology comprises the core aspect of the study which alone can precisely explain the reasons for a particular behavior, attitude or action. The complexity of the human behavior, which is also influenced by the external environment, is however, mainly based on the biological framework of the individual. The genes inherited by humans majorly determine his personality traits and behavioral patterns. However, while later theorists who believed in behaviorism did not consider the biological aspect, the more widely accepted cognitive perspective of psychology has provided new insights to the biological component through technological advances to study the functioning of the neurons. Hence the biological aspect of psychology has been a very intriguing feature which has been studied by various scientists over many generations. Given the fact that the understanding of the psychology of the human mind has its origins in the genetic and biological components, the biological aspect can never be neglected. Works Cited “The Science of Psychology.” Faculty.rio.edu. n.d. Web. 31 July 2011. http://faculty.rio.edu/rfish/My%20Faculty%20Website/11103%20General%20Psychology/Chapter%201%20Study%20Guide/Psych%20101,%20Chapter%201%20-%20Outline%20(Comprehensive).


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