Write 15 pages with APA style on Case Study On A Patient With Necrotic Fasciitis. It spreads easily on the focal plane within the affected tissue. Depending on their origin, they can be categorized as poly or microbial. The monomicrobial infections occur due to group A streptococcus. It is common among the healthiest individuals, and those who historically experienced such cases such as trauma, intravenous drug, and surgery. Studies indicate that the post-operative necrotizing fasciitis accounts for twenty eight percent of all the other cases (Davis et al, 2008) . As noted by Chsn, Withey, and Butler (2006) 3 percent of wound infection occur as a result of a vein stripping, and saphenofemoral junction. Other studies showed that incidences of NF have increased and there occurance rate is thought to range between 0.4 to 0.53 each year in the U.S (Anaya & Dellinger, 2006). Worth noting, is the fact that both pre-existing co-morbidities, the young and healthy persons are affected. Various studies have explored this area, however, early diagnosis for a satisfactory treatment is still a challenge (Balaji, 2008. Anaya & Dellinger, 2006. Cha & Falanga, 2007). With a view to close up this gap, this paper explores the case study of a twenty one year old woman with a history of Knee trivial injury (Diagram 1). The patient was first treated and admitted for septic arthritis. It was followed by diagnosing her with necrotizing fasciitis, which was treated successfully. Background information. NF or the Necrotizing fasciitis involves a soft tissue severe infection reported to rapidly progress into the human tissue (Balaji, 2008). The disease progresses into the subcutaneous and fascia tissues and in some cases can affect the skin and other muscles. From the 18th century, this rare infection has been identified by different names such as hospital gangrene, Foutnier’s gangrene, phagedena gangrenosum, and the Meleney’s gangrene (Ahn, Mulligan, & Salcido, 2008). Ahn, Mulligan, & Salcido, 2008), Anaya & Dellinger, 2006). This disease is common to individuals with immune systems that are compromised after some chronic illness. A good number of infections are as a result of organisms which can be found in the skin of an individual (Chan, Withey, & Butler, 2006). The disease occurs in those individuals having an apparent normal condition. It starts locally at the trauma site which could be minor, non-apparent, or even severe. The patients have been reported to have pain complaints, which may appear excessive even from the extern skin appearance. The patients, on the other hand, have been reported to display signs such as fever, inflammation, and tachycardia (Balaji, 2008. The Case study. A twenty one year old woman from an emergency department of a different hospital was referred to the orthopedic unit. The patient had no co-morbidities, and had a trivial injury history of her right knee. Accidentally, she hit his right knee to a wall some days back, thus sustaining an abrasion on the knee. She complained of pain on her knee the following day hence being forced to stop working. The pain increased during the night, and was forced to attend the department of emergency the following day. She had been referred to the emergency unit with suspicions of cullulitis or sepatic arthritis. When she arrived, she had a systematically stable and a febrile though considerable pain. Her joint had reduced movements, but increased pain.


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