In order to receive full credit for this assignment, you must follow the instructions below.1. Read the Case study below: The Henderson Hardware Challenge.2. Refer to Chapter 11 lessons to assist you with answering the following questions.3. Answer the following questions:A. Based on what you learned back in Chapter 10, is this a mechanistic or an organic organization? Explain.B. Based on Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y philosophy (see Chapter 2), which theory does Anne subscribe to in her attitude toward employees? Explain.C. here are really two issues in this case. What are they?D. When Cynthia was complaining about equity,what question could Anne have asked to help determine Cynthia’s real issue in the case? What would the answer have told her?3. Type your answers and post underthe appropriate question. Be sure to conduct a spelling and grammar check before posting and type in full sentences.“GIVE ME A BREAK” “Where is Cynthia?” Vinny asked Anne, the supervisor of the graphic arts department. “She’s supposed to be working with me on this new layout.” “I’m right here,” Cynthia called out while walking down the hall to Vinny’s office. “Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you for five minutes, and you were nowhere to be found,” Vinny said. “Oh, I just went outside for a breath of fresh air,” Cynthia said. “You went outside?” Anne questioned. “Were you feeling ill?” “No,” Cynthia said, “I’m fine. I just wanted to stretch my legs and take some deep breaths.” “Your coffee break was over an hour ago,” Anne said. “You’re not supposed to just leave the building any time you feel like it. You’re supposed to be working. Leaving the grounds could be considered walking out on your job; you could be dismissed.” “Well,” Cynthia said, “Bert went to the smoking room for a cigarette, and I got back before he did. I don’t see the problem.” “Bert is supposed to go to the smoking room to smoke; that’s the rule,” Anne said. “But you left your desk to go outside during working hours; that’s the problem.” “If Bert can leave his desk to smoke, why can’t I leave my desk to walk outside?” Cynthia asked.“You’re not supposed to leave the building during working hours unless you’re on an assignment, attending a conference, or something like that—something work-related,” Anne said. “You can’t gooutside just because you feel like it.” “I’m sorry,” Cynthia said. “It’s just that it’s so nice outside; it’s boring to walk around inside or sit in the women’s lounge.” “I think we’re having a communication problem here, Cynthia,” Anne said. “Let’s go into my office for a minute to straighten this out.” After the two women entered Anne’s office and sat down, Anne began to sort out what Cynthia was saying to be sure she understood what was going on. After Cynthia had finished talking, Anneparaphrased what Cynthia had said. “Let me make sure I’ve got this straight, Cynthia. You’re telling me that several times each day you leave your desk to walk around to stretch your legs. You don’t have a medical problem; you just want to take some breaks from your work. Have I got this right?” Anne asked.“Yes, that’s correct,” Cynthia said. “You get a coffee break in the morning and one in the afternoon, each fifteen minutes long,” Anne pointed out. “Don’t you find this to be enough time to stretch your legs?” “Oh, no,” Cynthia said. “I just go into the lounge to drink my coffee with the others.” “Well, Cynthia, you’re either going to have to give up your coffee or your walking or learn to do the two at once. When you’re not on an official break, you’re expected to work, not walk around. Is that clear?” “That’s not fair,” Cynthia said. “If the others can get up to go to the smoking room, I should be allowed to get up and walk around for a few minutes. Anything else would be discrimination.” “Cynthia, if everyone took a break whenever they wanted, we’d have people roaming the building all day, and no work would get done,” Anne said. “It’s just not reasonable.”



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