Which of the following units is used to measure the chromaticity of a lamp

1. Which of the following units is used to measure the chromaticity of a lamp?A. Degrees FahrenheitB. AmperesC. Degrees KelvinD. Watts2. Which of the following is not measured in lumens/ft2?A. IlluminanceB. ExitanceC. FootcandlesD. Candlepower3. A lamp with the code 35 PAR36/H/SP 8 has a wattage ofA. 8 W.B. 35 W.C. 36 W.D. 71 W.4. Which of the following lamps does not require a ballast to operate?A. A metal halide lampB. A high-pressure sodium lampC. A mercury lampD. An incandescent lamp5. What is the efficacy of a 1,000 W PAR-64 halogen lamp with rated lumens of 19,400?A. 0.51B. 0.64C. 19.4D. 303.16. The ordering code for a large incandescent lamp provides information on theA. lamp voltage, bulb type and size, and sometimes lamp color.B. lamp voltage, bulb size and special features, and sometimes filament type.C. lamp power requirement, bulb type and size, and sometimes lamp color.D. lamp power requirement, bulb size and special features, and sometimes filament type.7. Approximately what percentage of visible light is given off by a 100 W incandescent lamp?A. 10 percentB. 30 percentC. 50 percentD. 80 percent8. Which of the following is a filling gas that’s used in tungsten-halogen lamps?A. ArgonB. NitrogenC. KryptonD. Bromine9. The four types of screw bases that are available for general-service lamps areA. mogul, medium, intermediate, and candelabra.B. mogul, medium, intermediate, and small.C. large, small, medium, and candelabra.D. mogul, small, candelabra, and medium.10. Which of the following are the three best-known types of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps?A. HPS, mercury, and fluorescentB. Fluorescent, mercury, and metal halideC. Mercury, metal halide, and HPSD. Fluorescent, metal halide, and HPS11. Which of the following is described as a highly charged particle that moves at high speeds, in a wavelike motion, and in a linear direction?A. NeutronB. PhotonC. NeonD. Electron12. The voltage that most incandescent large lamps operate at isA. 24 V.B. 30 V.C. 120 V.D. 277 V.13. Which of the following lamp shapes is made from two pieces of pressed glass and used for low-voltage, line-voltage, and tungsten-halogen lamps?A. C shapeB. F shapeC. G shapeD. PAR shape14. If an environment may contain moisture, you should use lamps with bases that are made ofA. copper.B. brass.C. aluminum.D. zinc.15. In using the halogen cycle in an incandescent lamp, the tungsten redeposits itself onto theA. base.B. filament.C. inside of glass bulb.D. button rod.16. A lamp has a code of 35 PAR36/H/SP 80. The H in this lamp code stands forA. high output.B. high-pressure sodium.C. heat.D. halogen.17. The three general categories of lamps areA. incandescent, fluorescent, and high-intensity discharge.B. incandescent, compact fluorescent, and high-pressure sodium.C. mercury, tungsten-halogen, and high-intensity discharge.D. mercury, tungsten-halogen, and low-pressure sodium.18. A PS30 incandescent lamp has an overall maximum diameter ofA. 1.5 inches.B. 3.75 inches.C. 5.25 inches.D. 6.0 inches.19. A double-ended halogen T lamp will not usually be usedA. as outdoor floodlighting.B. in a torchere (floor lamp).C. as a swimming pool light.D. in a sconce.20. If a bulb’s aluminum base gets stuck in a socket, the problem is most likely caused byA. an improper socket voltage.B. an improper socket mounting.C. an improper lamp size.D. too much moisture.21. Which of the following lamp types is exempt from the Energy Policy Act of 1992?A. A standard-wattage R lampB. An 80 W PAR lampC. A 150 W PAR lampD. Certain fluorescent lamps22. Which of the following methods is used to obtain colored light from a filament lamp?A. AdditiveB. SubtractiveC. MultiplicativeD. Divisible23. If you operate a 130 V lamp in a 120 V service, the lamp life willA. decrease.B. increase.C. stay the same.D. immediately be terminated.24. Which of the following is required with a low-voltage incandescent lamp that’s operating on a standard service?A. A ballastB. A step-down transformerC. Argon gasD. Phosphors25. Which of the following terms does not describe one of the uses of an MR lamp?A. Display lightingB. Accent lightingC. A narrow spotD. An extra wide flood



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