Which of the following statements is an example of the post hoc fallacy

1.Which of the following statements is an example of the post hoc fallacy?(Points : 1) I always wear my lucky hat when the Atlanta Braves play; thanks to me, they won the World Series!The San Diego Padres never win because their payroll is so small.I’m glad that player was suspended. The Yankees will win now that a cheater is off the roster.The Red Sox are the most storied franchise in American history.Question 2. 2.A good thesis should do all of the following, EXCEPT(Points : 1) be obviously true for most readers. promote thinking. provide direction. contain tension.Question 3. 3.Caffeine affects people in different ways. In this sentence, the word affects is used(Points : 1) incorrectly – affects is usually a noun. incorrectly – affects is usually a verb. correctly – affects is usually a noun. correctly – affects is usually a verb.Question 4. 4.A “slam dunk” argument is likely the product of(Points : 1) a single premise. a fallacious syllogism. deductive reasoning. induction.Question 5. 5.Logic is optional when creating a valid argument. (Points : 1) True False Question 6. 6.A bad thesis produces all of the following effects on readers, EXCEPT(Points : 1) preventing writers from thinking carefully about evidence. allowing writers to rush to judgment. directing writers to repeatedly make the same point. prompting writers to think carefully about problematic views.Question 7. 7.Which of the following is NOT a reason arguments based on emotion or personal experiences are largely dismissed in the academic world?(Points : 1) They insert passion into an otherwise boring discussion. They insist that all people should share the author’s personal values. They encourage us to ignore competing viewpoints. They give too much weight to our own experiences.Question 8. 8.Which should readers NOT expect from a paper’s roadmap?(Points : 1) Cited evidence from sources An overview of the essay’s structure An understanding of the connecting links A definition of the purpose of each sectionQuestion 9. 9.Your global purpose should accomplish all of the following, EXCEPT(Points : 1) summarizing what your essay is about. making a statement about your essay’s impact. explaining what your essay will do. claifying the issues.Question 10. 10.“Everyone from that department is untrustworthy.” This is an example of(Points : 1) the post-hoc fallacy. the red-herring fallacy. the group-think fallacy. the hasty-generalization fallacy.Question 11. 11.What should you AVOID when organizing sequences?(Points : 1) Devoting entire sections of your paper to one source Listing the pros and cons Demonstrating a single point multiple ways Saving your analysis for the endQuestion 12. 12.If a researcher finds the “perfect source,” no other source materials are needed. (Points : 1) True False Question 13. 13.Academic reading entails all of the following traits, EXCEPT(Points : 1) solving complex problems. taking a defensible stance on a hot topic. looking for errors of logic. probing for problematic assumptions.Question 14. 14.Which of the following sentences is incorrect?(Points : 1) It’s been raining for a week, and now it’s starting to snow. All the company cares about are it’s profits. Every dog loves its bone. All of the above.Question 15. 15.A topic sentence must support the thesis statement. (Points : 1) True False Question 16. 16.An effective paragraph generally features(Points : 1) a topic sentence. examples or explanations. All of the above None of the aboveQuestion 17. 17.A general rule of thumb for using lists in a paper is to limit the number of items to ten or fewer. (Points : 1) True False Question 18. 18.Playing with ideas can be an important form of exploration. (Points : 1) True False Question 19. 19.Claim + Evidence = Premise (Points : 1) True False Question 20.20.Which of the following is the LEAST EFFECTIVE way to describe your topic and its scope?(Points : 1) Establish the central questions that drive scholarly discussions. Be selective about the number of questions you ask. Make sure that questions are closely related to one another. Convey every question you seek to answer in the paper.



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