Which of the following is an example of a primary

https://www.coursehero.com/profile/kennethochieng/this question is for KennethochiegMultiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)Which of the following is an example of a primary group?1. a crowd waiting for a rock concerta. a kindergarten classb. a familyc. passengers on a jetlinerd. Which of the following is an example of a secondary group?2. the psychology class you are presently ina. a familyb. the graduating seniors at a large universityc. all are secondary groupsd. In-group perceptions can develop:3. based on ethnicitya. based on a clear set of rulesb. any time two or more people gatherc. All of the above are ways in-groups develop perceptions.d. One reason biased individuals tend to hold prejudices is that they:4. have no other choice because of genetic and social determinants of prejudicea. seek to enhance their self-esteem by viewing their own group as superiorb. continue receiving criticism for their behaviorc. fear more liberal thinking and critical analysis will leave them at a disadvantaged. What is the correct sequence of group formation, according to the text?5. forming, storming, norming, and performinga. forming, storming, performing, and normingb. storming, forming, norming, and performingc. norming, storming, performing, and formingd. The stage of group formation where the group comes to a consensus about the rules under 6. which it will operate is called:norminga. performingb. formingc. stormingd. Unit 3 Examination 135 GED 215 Psychology of Adjustment One of the reasons cited in the text for joining groups is that groups provide:7. individual power and aptitudea. opportunity to pursue individual interestsb. social comparison with othersc. All of the above.d. The text states that when choosing a career goal, it’s best to begin by:8. asking your parents, spouses, or friends for their ideasa. looking over the Occupational Outlook Handbookb. taking stock of yourselfc. scanning the classified ads in the newspaperd. People who score high on the “realistic” theme of the Strong Interest Inventory would most 9. likely enjoy a job working as a(n):engineera. biologistb. stockbrokerc. accountantd. People who score high on the “enterprising” theme of the Strong Interest Inventory would 10. prefer a job:investigating abstract problemsa. selling or managing a businessb. working with their handsc. involving self-expressiond. Psychological inventories such as the Strong Interest Inventory are best used to predict:11. how happy you’ll be in a given careera. which career you should chooseb. how successful you’ll be in a given careerc. how compatible a career might be for youd. According to the text, when choosing a career, you should base the decision on:12. your enjoyment of your first joba. prestigeb. a full exploration of your career optionsc. finding a career path as quickly as possible in your early 20sd. Unit 3 Examination 136 GED 215 Psychology of Adjustment According to the text, a crucial part of the job interview is to:13. furnish more information than is requesteda. discuss your salary needs early in the interviewb. prepare for the job interview carefullyc. avoid asking questions yourselfd. What is true about sex differences?14. Women are more likely to misinterpret sexual overtures.a. Men are more sexually aggressive than women.b. Women fantasize about having sex with strangers more than men.c. Men enjoy sex more than women.d. Which statement regarding adolescent sexuality is false?15. Youth report learning more about sexuality from the media than from their parents.a. 63 percent of twelfth graders report having sexual intercourse at least once.b. More than 50 percent of adolescents have engaged in oral sex by the time they graduate c. high school.Youth who partake in less sexual media are just as likely to engage in sexual intercourse as d. heavy viewers.Insults used to denigrate a partner’s sexuality are called:16. criticisma. contemptb. withdrawalc. defensivenessd. David and Lisa agree that their sex life is very enjoyable. If they are like most partners with a 17. satisfactory sex life, the initiative for sexual intercourse is:taken mostly by Lisaa. usually taken by Davidb. shared equally by David and Lisac. mostly used as a way to bargain for other needsd. Unit 3 Examination 137 GED 215 Psychology of Adjustment The Masters and Johnson team identified _____ phases in the sexual response cycle.18. 4a. 5b. 6c. 7d. The first stage of the sexual response cycle is:19. excitementa. transitionb. resolutionc. plateaud. Which is true of personal ads?20. They emphasize the same things, regardless of culture.a. The number of ads on the Internet has tripled since 2000.b. Those who are not interested in long-term relationships tend to be more honest in ads.c. Those who disclose a lot of personal information in ads are less likely to find success.d. What type of love has the key characteristics of being intimate and passionate without a sense 21. of commitment?likinga. emptyb. romanticc. infatuationd. Sternberg’s triangular view of love includes three components of love: intimacy, passion, and:22. commitmenta. friendshipb. romancec. compatibilityd. In Sternberg’s triangular theory of love, _____ is the motivational aspect that involves arousal 23. and a desire to be united with the loved one.passiona. commitmentb. romancec. intimacyd. Unit 3 Examination 138 GED 215 Psychology of Adjustment The three components of Sternberg’s triangular theory of love are:24. intimacy, passion, and commitmenta. love, sex, and passionb. sex, companionship, and comfortc. romance, love, and affectiond. What can we conclude from cross-cultural studies regarding love and intimacy?25. With regard to romantic love, today’s cultures of the world are more dissimilar than ever.a. Individualistic societies place more emphasis on love as a basis for marriage.b. Passionate love is correlated with marital satisfaction, but only in American culture due to c. the influence of Hollywood.Anglos are less idealistic about sex and love than Hispanics.d.



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