What ways does the Lord provide for his sheep

Interpretive Worksheet: An Exercise in IntertextualityPsalm 23, Ezekiel 34:1–24, and Luke 15:1–7The main goals of Psalms 23 are:• To describe God as provider.• To describe God as protector.• To give the reader hope in God’s sovereignty.Read Psalm 23 and then answer the following questions.1. The Lord is described as a shepherd. What ways does the Lord provide for his sheep (vv. 1–3)?• He makes me _____________________ (v. 2a)• He leads me _____________________ (v. 2b)• He restores my _____________________ (v. 3a)• He leads me in _____________________ (vv. 3b–4)2. Of the 4 provisions in vv. 1–4, which one does not contain shepherding imagery? Whatseparates this imagery from the other 3?3. Read vv. 5–6. Identify and explain the metaphorical differences between vv. 1–4 and vv. 5–6.4. Read Ezekiel 34:1–24. In this passage “the shepherds” are Israel’s kings. Briefly outline theoffences of the shepherds/kings in vv. 2b–10.5. Outline the similarities between Ezekiel 34:11–15 and Psalm 23.6. Given that God is the shepherd in Psalm 23, what theological teaching(s) should we gleanfrom God’s duties as shepherd in Ezekiel 34:17–24?7. Intertextuality describes the various approaches to reading biblical texts in relation to otherbiblical texts. For example, the prophet Ezekiel uses the shepherding imagery (Ezek 34:11–15)in Psalm 23 to make a theological point. Read Luke 15:1–7 and answer the following questions.• Responding to the critique of eating with tax collectors and sinners, Jesus declared that ashepherd would leave his flock to find the lost sheep. Who is the shepherd in Luke 15:1–7?• Read Psalm 23, Ezekiel 34:1–24, and Luke 15:1–7 again and then answer:o Jesus is describing himself as the ____________ in Luke 15:1–7.o Jesus equates the lost sheep with a __________ who repents.• What is the main theological assertion made by Jesus in Luke 15:1–7?



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