Week 4 : Networks and Telecommunications

Week 4 : Networks and Telecommunications – Homework1. A device that acts as a connection point between computers and that can filter and forward data to a specified destination is called a (Points : 1)hub.switch.router.NIC.2. Which device sends data packets to all connected devices in a network? (Points : 1)Network interface cardHubRouterNone of the above3. The method of slicing digital messages into parcels, transmitting them along different communication paths, and reassembling them at their destination is called (Points : 1)multiplexing.packet switching.packet routing.ATM.4. What is the most important communication standard today for linking disparate computers and networks? (Points : 1)Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)International Standards Organization (ISO)Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)File Transfer Protocol (FTP)5. In TCP/IP, IP is responsible for (Points : 1)disassembling and reassembling packets during transmission.establishing an Internet connection between two computers.moving packets over the network.sequencing the transfer of packets.6. On which protocol is the Internet based? (Points : 1)TCP/IPFTPPacket switchingFrame relay7. All network computers connect to a single hub in a (Points : 1)star network.bus network.domain network.peer-to-peer network.8. In a bus network, (Points : 1)signals are broadcast to the next station.signals are broadcast in both directions to the entire network.multiple hubs are organized in a hierarchy.messages pass from computer to computer in a loop.9. A network that covers a large geographic area is most commonly referred to as a(n) (Points : 1)local area network .intranet.peer-to-peer network.wide area network.10. Which communications medium uses single copper wire surrounded by thick insulation? (Points : 1)Twisted pair cableA satelliteOptical fiberCoaxial cable11. Which type of signal follows a straight line and does not bend with the curve of the Earth? (Points : 1)RadioSatelliteMicrowaveFiber optic12. Data is sent through the fiber optic cable by a (Points : 1)router.laser device.optical device.multiplexer.13. A domain name server(Points : 1)provides interconnectivity on the Internet.serves a single domain.converts domain names to IP addresses.prevents hackers from bringing down the Internet.14. Net neutrality means (Points : 1)that everyone pays the same for Internet access.that everyone has equal access to information on the Internet.that cable providers can charge different prices based on bandwidth.that there will be no federal regulation of the Internet.15. Which technology uses the Internet Protocol to deliver voice information in digital form using packet switching? (Points : 1)TCP/IPVPNVoIPNone; voice information is digitally delivered using ATM.16. In the cloud computing model, (Points : 1)servers to support intranet and extranet are virtualized to a cloud.enterprise networks disappear.users lose access to certain applications.corporate resources increase.17. A cloud computing model (Points : 1)reduces the staff required to operate a typical IT organization.increases the staff required to operate a typical IT organization.does not change the staff required to operate a typical IT organization.moves all IT infrastructure to the cloud.18. Cost reductions in using cloud based services stem from (Points : 1)reductions in staff.reductions in energy usage.reductions in servers.All of the above19. In an RFID system, a(n) _____ is electronically programmed with information that can uniquely identify an item, such as an electronic code. (Points : 1)readerantennamicrochiptag20. The cloud computing model described in the lecture is an example of which cloud computing model? (Points : 1)SaaS (Software as a Service)Cloud based operating systemsVirtualization of serversCloud based applications



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