Week 3 Assignment 2015

JP Morgan pioneered the notion of “behavioral investing.” The firm introduced mutual funds thatexploited common behavioral biases. More than 10 years after the launch of mutual funds by JPMorgan, there are still very few funds that have embraced behavioral finance. Use this case todiscover why that may be the case.For this Case 2 Assignment, you will explore behavioral biases, such as psychological and socialbiases when seeking investment opportunities.DocumentsCase Studies Overview (PDF document)Use this document to assist you as you access and download the case studies for thiscourse as well as to guide you as you complete the case study Assignments.Case StudyBaker, M. P., & Sesia, A. (2007). Case study: Behavioral finance at JP Morgan (HBSCase Study No. 9-207-084). Retrieved from Harvard Business Publishinghttps://cb.hbsp.harvard.edu/cbmp/access/37227892Access the Coursepack from the Harvard Business Publishing website to download thecase studies for this course. For this week, you will download Behavioral Finance at JPMorgan: HBS Case 9-207-084.ActivityFor this activity:If you have not previously done so, access the Coursepack from the Harvard BusinessPublishing website found in this week’s Learning Materials.In the Coursepack, you have access to all of the case studies for this course. You willneed to purchase and download all of these case studies. Make sure you download andsave your case studies in a reliable location on your computer for ease of use and access.Once you make your purchase and download, review the Behavioral Finance at JPMorgan case study HBS Case 9-207-84 for this week’s AssignmentInstructionsTo complete this Assignment:Write a short report (not more than 5 pages, double-spaced), developed around thefollowing questions:1. What are common psychological and social biases that investors are likely toexhibit?2. What steps can you take to eliminate these biases?3. Can behavioral biases generate exploitable investment opportunities? Why?4. Are these opportunities expected to survive? Why? How long can they survive?5. Why don’t investors learn and eliminate their biases? Will their learning eliminatepotentially exploitable investment opportunities in the market?6. Do equity analysts amplify or mitigate asset mis-pricing? Why?



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