umuc cmis111 final project latest 2015 november

  Final ProjectInstructionsYou just received a brand new computer for your home environment. It comes with the latest Operating System. You also have an Internet Service Provider where you can easily use the existing network to connect to the Internet and to perform some online banking. Describe the steps you plan to go through to ensure this system remains as secure as possible. Be sure to discuss the details of firewall settings you plan to implement within your operating system, browser privacy settings, and recommended software (e.g., Anti-virus and others) you will install. Also, describe your password strength policy you plan to adopt, and what you envision to do to ensure your online banking site is encrypted and using the proper certificates. Discussion of operating system patches and application updates should also be included. As you discuss these steps, be sure to justify your decisions bringing in possible issues if these steps are not followed. You can discuss this for a specific type of computer (e.g. MAC or PC) to make the scenario more appropriate for your environment.Your son, who just turned 13, wants to join Facebook and post his picture and contact information on the site. Assuming, you are willing to allow him to have a Facebook account, describe what types of guidelines you would discuss with him to ensure his privacy and security are protected. Be sure to justify your decisions by describing possible issues if your guidelines are not followed.Prepare a well-written paper, no more than 10 pages in length, addressing each of the above scenarios. Be sure to clearly separate the scenarios into separate sections of the paper. Only one paper is needed to address both scenarios.Submission requirements:Your completed assignment should be saved as a Word document and submitted to your LEO assignments area no later than the due date listed in the syllabus. Your document should be neat, well-written with minimal grammatical and spelling errors. Your name should be clearly listed on the first page along with the class/section, professor and due date. Your document should contain page numbers at the bottom of each page. Single or double space line formatting is acceptable.You should name the file yournamefinalproject.docx (or yournamefinalproject.doc). So if my name was Julie Smith, I would name my document″ alt=””>Hide RubricsRubric Name: Writing AssignmentCriteriaExceedsMeetsDoes not meetContent Accuracy20 points(18-20 points)All content is accurate. There were no factual errors.17 points(14-17 points)Most of the content is accurate but there is at least one piece of information that seemed inaccurate.0 points(0-13 points)The content is confusing or contains more than one factual error.Content Depth40 points(36-40 points)The document is detailed to enable full understanding of the technical problem and the challenges in solving it.All required components of the paper were included35 points(28-35 points)The document is almost sufficiently detailed to enable full understanding of the technical problem and challenges in solving it.Most components of the paper were included.0 points(0-27 points)The document lacked technical depth and detail.Most required components of the paper were missing.Clarity20 points(18-20 points)The paper is easy to read, analysis flows expertlyLanguage is sophisticated without being jargonistic.17 points(14-17 points)The paper is well written but suffers from some significant grammatical inconsistencies or spelling errors. Language is clear but lacks scholarly depth. There are some lapses in definition and explication of terms. Segue between points in the analysis are weak0 points(0-13 points)Major problems with grammar and spelling.Language is murky, confused and difficult to follow. There is a paucity of definitions or context for analysis.Format20 points(18-20 points)Naming, heading, formatting, references and page numbers were excellent throughout the document.17 points(14-17 points)Some minor Naming, heading, formatting, references or page numbers were found.0 points(0-13 points)Naming, heading, formatting, references and page numbers were poor or missing throughout the document.Overall ScoreExceed90 or moreMeets70 or moreDoes not meet0 or moreSubmit Files



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