Throughout this course, you have considered decisions

Discussion 1 – Week 6CollapseGroupthinkThroughout this course, you have considered decisions that you make by yourself. This week, you think about what it is like when two or more people make a decision together. Sometimes group decisions are not difficult. The group discusses options and agrees on a decision. At other times, individuals in the group disagree and one or another may try to persuade others to come to a particular agreement. A very different phenomenon that may happen when groups engage in decision making is that group members may become so unified that they think in the same way. This experience is known as groupthink, a term coined by Irving Janis. Individuals get caught up in an idea, neglect good decision-making habits, and go along without thinking with the perceived majority. To prepare for this Discussion:Review the article, “Assessing Political Group Dynamics,” focusing on the introduction and the discussion.Review the examples of groupthink available through the “What Is Groupthink?” Web link and think about the examples given and remedies suggested.Think of an example of groupthink from your own experience or from a situation with which you are familiar.With your example in mind, consider the decision the group was trying to make.Reflecting on your example, recall the group leader and the group members and how their behavior contributed to groupthink.Think about the final outcome of the decision.Reflect on symptoms of groupthink that were present.Consider how groupthink could have been avoided in this situation.With these thoughts in mind:Post by Day 3 an example of groupthink from your own experience. Describe the decision the group was trying to make and explain how the behavior(s) of the group leader and group members contributed to groupthink. Explain the outcome of groupthink and how it might have been avoided. Be specific.Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.



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