This assignment provides an opportunity

GERO 2139Functional Ability InterviewRationaleIt is through enquiring about the “lived experience” of elderly people thatwe can learn more about aging. This assignment provides an opportunityto have a dialogue with an elderly person that focuses on the features ofaging that affect functional ability.Tasks• Identify a person who is 70 years of age or older whom you would like tointerview. It could be someone you know or someone who is unknown toyou. Plan on 1 hour for the interview.•Contact the person, explaining the purpose of the interview and arrange tomeet.• Use the Interview Questions to guide the dialogue with your interviewsubject.•Make notes as you conduct the interview and try to capturecomments that you can quote later to support your observations. Avoidusing a tape recorder as it tends to intimidate and to make the dialoguestilted.• Prepare a Narrative Report on your interview. Your report should be1200­1500 words and include quotes from your interview subject whererelevant. Use the rubric for this assignment as a guide in determining thecompleteness of your report.Interview QuestionsHEALTH1. How would you rate your health?Offer this scale to help the person respond: Very good –Good – Fair – Poor – Very PoorAs a further prompt, you might ask: Can you do the things you used todo?2. What was your health like 5 years ago? How are things different now?SUPPORT3. Is there someone who helps you? How does that person help you?The person may receive help getting groceries, doing chores around thehouse, getting to doctor appointments. Note the type of help and howfrequently the person receives help from others.FRIENDS & SOCIAL CONNECTIONS4. Do you have friends who you see or talk to on a regular basis?5. Would you say you rely on your friends for certain things? What couldyou tell me about that?6. How do you keep in touch with others?FAMILY7. Do you have family? Is there something significant about your familyyou would like to tell me?Pictures in the home may be a way to follow through with this question.ENVIRONMENT8. How long have you lived here?If the location is new or represents a significant changein residence, you could ask what that change was like and how the personfeels about his/her new home.Observations about the Environment– Look for things that could impact on functional ability such as physicalbarriers or potential hazards in the home. Look for any assistive devices.Be sure to observe and make notes in a tactful and respectful way.LIFE EXPERIENCE9. What changes in Canadian society have you observed in your life?What changes strike you are significant? Can you tell me why they aresignificant?Marking RubricYour Narrative Report will be assessed using the following criteria and scale.



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