This are the teacher’s instructions: Research Synthesis

This are the teacher’s instructions:Research Synthesis PaperPSY.361 Adult Development & AgingSpring 2011Select a topic.The topic should address an issue in adult development and can be something that has not been included during the semester. Begin with a broad topic, such as coping. Eventually the topic will need to be more specific. Here are a few examples of specific topics: a) coping with chronic illness; b) technology adoption during young and middle adulthood; c) religiosity and end-of-life decisions; and d) institutional housing and loneliness. I recommend having me review the topic and the sources at least one week prior to the paper’s due date.Collect research materials.Use two sources for this paper. Both sources must come from peer-reviewed research articles in which the authors conducted original research themselves. Do not use magazines or the Web as sources! Hard copies of some journals are available in the periodicals section of the library. To locate journal articles on-line, use Psychology articles, Proquest or EBSCO. Inter-library loan services can be used when needed. Use entire articles; abstracts are insufficient. In addition, at least one of the sources must be current (i.e., not published prior to 2006).Write a focused paper.Develop a guiding thesis. The following is an example of a meaningful thesis statement: old adults, as compared to young adults, will have better memory for emotional information rather than non-emotional information. Within the first two paragraphs of the paper, state the thesis and also provide an overview of the paper and how the thesis will be supported by the use of the two selected sources. The paper should be a thoughtful synthesis of the two selected sources. In other words, it is not acceptable to solely provide sequential summaries of each source. Some information about how the research was conducted is also needed to determine the validity of the findings and how the research supports the thesis. Expect to repeatedly proofread and edit the paper. In addition, consider making a consultation with a Writing Center staff member to improve the quality of the work. This editing process takes time so plan accordingly.Document each source.Fully document each source that is used in the paper. Cite the authors when their work is being discussed. Use the required American Psychological Association (APA) format to cite each source on a reference page and within the body of the paper. For more information about the required formatting use the resources that are available in the library and at the Writing Center.Submit your work.Turn in an electronic copy to (use our Blackboard website and submit under “assignments”). A hard copy is also due in class. Please avoid using report covers. Keep a copy of the articles until papers are returned. I may need to refer to them in the grading process.Use these items as a checklist for your paper.• Is your paper well organized and focused?• Is your paper concise?• Does your paper include enough depth?• Is your thesis and writing style clear?• Is your topic and thesis appropriate?• Have you selected two appropriate readings?• Do you support your thesis with the research?• Do you cite your references appropriately in the text of your paper?• Do you appropriately use the APA format to cite your references?• Do you avoid over-quoting?• Do you avoid all form of plagiarism?• Is your paper free from grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors?*Specifically: I would like an essay on technology adoption during young and middle adulthood, which uses evidence from 2 different sources to support the guiding thesis statement.>Question: How much difficulty do people in young and middle adulthood experience when adopting technology? How important is it for them to do so? Is there any difference in the difficulty experience for different stages of adulthood?



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