there are two companies: company #1 chatlong: 18 hours average and 2 hrs standard deviation company #2 talk-a-lot: 20 hours average and 3 hrs standard deviation 1. Which company do you think makes the longest-lasting (and better) cell phone? Explain your thinking. 2. a. Pick one of the two companies and sketch out a normal curve for it. Be sure to label it and use vertical lines to locate the mean and 1 standard deviation on either side of the mean. b. What is the range of values for each company to be within 1 standard deviation? c. What is the range for the 68-95-99.7 distribution? 4. Two students each buy one cell phone and perform their own experiments to wear out the batteries. Here are the data: student 1 chatlong: 20 hoursstudent 2 talk-a-lot: 20 hours a. Based on their sample data, which of the cell phones is better? b. In order to properly compare the data, calculate the z-scores for each sample data point. c. Use a statistical calculator or a standard normal chart to find the percentile for each z-score you found in part b above.d. Now who do you think got the better cell phone (with longer battery life) and why?5. a. Is it problematic to decide that one company is better than another based solely on the students’ sample data? Explain. b. How would you improve the students’ experiment if you were going to conduct it yourself?


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