The U.S president should not involve into Americans

Ye MyintProfessor Shaw11/18/2015Essay #3Freedom of choosing foodEveryone has their own privacy to eat what they want. The U.S president should notinvolve into Americans’ food choices and take responsibility for the choices they make regardingnutrition because the US is a free country. Everyone has different cultures and different types ofeating food habit.The US is a free country and everyone has right to choose what they want to eat. I thinkpeople are unhealthy and obese because they do not exercise. For instance, one of my friendsalways eats McDonalds for his breakfast and lunch. But he is still healthy and slim since heburns all his calories by doing exercise. However, the fast-food company should provide calorieinformation of their food. “Some fast-food purveyors will provide calorie information on request,but even that can be hard to understand” (ZINCZENKO 393). Even though they do not provideclear information about calories, we are responsible to ask them. So, we will know how manycalories we eat. These are all the personal cases of our life that the government should notinvolve in food choices. The US has different people from different countries that there are manydifferent food tradition.We have different culture and different food in the US. For example, we have asian food,mexican food and so on. Zinczenko said that the US has more than 13,000 McDonaldsrestaurants. It is just one fast food company and we have other fast food company like KFC,Taco Bell and so on. “State legislatures and school boards across the country have begunbanning snacks and soda from school campuses and vending machines” (BALSO 396). It isvery bad for our government’s income because the government will not get tax from snack andsoda anymore. It will make government’s budget reduce. Instead of banning snacks andsodas, we must educate children not to eat too much snacks and soda. So, thegovernment should not be involved in our nutrition choices and health.These are the reasons that the government should not involve in our food choices. Weused to live in free and eat what we want. And also we have different culture and different food.



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