The scenario:Success Gardens is planning to feature a garden club each week on its show and wants to invite garden clubs to apply. You have been asked to update the contact information for the clubs in a database, modify a form including the contact information, and then create individualized letters and envelopes using mail merge.For this assignment, you will need the following files: New blank Word document Garden_Clubs Club_Information Contacts_LetterYou will save your files as: Lastname_Firstname_Garden_Clubs Lastname_Firstname_Club_Information Lastname_Firstname_Contacts_Letter Lastname_Firstname_Club_Letters Lastname_Firstname_Club_EnvelopesPart 1 Open the Garden_Clubs database, and save it as Lastname_Firstname_Garden_Clubs Create a form based on the Garden Clubs table, and save the form as Lastname Firstname Clubs Form Enter the information below, using your First Name and Last Name for the last record. Update the Address Field for the Evergreen Gardeners to 4525 Center Ave Delete the record for Velvet Gloves. In the table, apply Best Fit to all columns.Club NameFirst NameLast NameAddressCityStateZIPPhoneE-mail AddressHigh Rise Garden PathCurtisGuilliard3931 WallaceHoustonTx77004713-555-5771[email protected]Harris County GreenFirst NameLast Name7847 Faith AveHoustonTX77004713-555-4774[email protected]Part 2 Export the table as an RTF file named Lastname_Firstname_Clubs_RTF Open the Club_Information file. Insert the RTF file Delete the Address, City, State, and ZIP fields. Format the information sheet to display as a one-page document Include a page color, page border, and theme. Save the document as Lastname_Firstname_Club_InformationPart 3 Open the Contacts_Letter, and save it as Lastname_Firstname_Contacts_Letter Using mail merge, include appropriate merge fields from the Garden Clubs table in the database in the letter. Complete the merge, and then save the merged letters as Lastname_Firstname_Club_Letters Create envelopes to be used with the letters, using Success Gardens’ address as the return address. Save the merged envelopes as Lastname_Firstname_Club_Envelopes Insert the your name in the footer for each of the four Word documents.


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