The post below posted on the weekly discussion

HiThe post below posted on the weekly discussion , I need a comment and a question about it please.”Differences in Islam”Discuss the main similarities and differences between at least two sects of the Islamic religion.Islam has two main branches: the Shia and the Sunni. This split in the religion comes down to a political and spiritual difference of opinion about who should have succeeded Muhammad after his death in 632 CE. One of the major contrasts between the Sunni and Shia sectsinvolves religious leadership. Shiites believe that God directly selects their Imams. These high clerics wield significant political authority that often extends across national borders. On the other hand, Sunni Muslims do not attach any special power to the clergy, and their religious leaders tend not to concern themselves as much with expansive political roles. Instead, they tend to take on more of a localized teaching role.Who are the Sunnis?Sunni Muslims regard themselves as the orthodox and traditionalist branch of Islam. The word Sunni comes from “Ahl al-Sunna”, the people of the tradition. The tradition in this case refers to practices based on precedent or reports of the actions of the Prophet Muhammad and those close to him. Sunnis venerate all the prophets mentioned in the Koran, but particularly Muhammad as the final prophet. All subsequent Muslim leaders are seen as temporal figures. Sunni religious teachers and leaders have historically come under state control. The Sunni tradition also emphasises a codified system of Islamic law and adherence to four schools of law.Who are the Shia?In early Islamic history the Shia were a political faction literally “Shiat Ali” or the party of Ali. The Shia claimed the right of Ali, the son-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad, and his descendants to lead the Islamic community. Ali was killed as a result of intrigues, violence and civil wars which marred his caliphate. His sons, Hassan and Hussein, were denied what they thought was their legitimate right of accession to caliphate. Hassan is believed to have been poisoned by Muawiyah, the first caliph (leader of Muslims) of the Umayyad dynasty. His brother, Hussein, was killed on the battlefield along with members of his family, after being invited by supporters to Kufa (the seat of caliphate of Ali) where they promised to swear allegiance to him. These events gave rise to the Shia concept of martyrdom and the rituals of grieving. There is a distinctive messianic element to the faith and Shia have a hierarchy of clerics who practise independent and ongoing interpretation of Islamic texts.Discuss the overall role of women in the Islamic religion. Name at least two ways in which the role of women is different in Islam from the role of women in another mainstream religion we have studied.The overall role of the Muslim woman is clearly defined and outlined in Islam. Her primary role is with the upbringing of her children and in being a dutiful wife. She is encouraged to carry out all the duties she takes up with devotion and enthusiasm. The following Ahadith remind her of the rewards and merits attached to undertaking her primary duties. In terms of religious obligations, such as the Daily Prayers, Fasting, Poor-due, and Pilgrimage, woman is no different from man. In some cases indeed, woman has certain advantages over man. For example, the woman is exempted from the daily prayers and from fasting during her menstrual periods and forty days after childbirth. She is also exempted from fasting during her pregnancy and when she is nursing her baby if there is any threat to her health or her baby’s. If the missed fasting is obligatory (during the month of Ramadan), she can make up for the missed days whenever she can. She does not have to make up for the prayers missed for any of the above reasons.Christians and Muslims have some beliefs in common. We both agree that there is one God who created the universe and is sovereign in the lives of men. We agree that God is the source of justice and morality. Fundamentalist Christians and fundamentalist Muslims both consider such things as pornography and licentious living as pollutants to society. One of the reasons for the strong negative reaction to western civilization in Muslim countries is the influence of such practices emanating from the west. We agree that his ultimate justice is dispensed through life after death in heaven and hell.Understanding the role of Muslim women, Retrieved from,, M.P. (2014) Living Religions Pearson: Upper Saddle River, NJ



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